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Yagmur Özberkan
Journalist & Presenter

Yagmur Özberkan is a journalist and a presenter from Finland. Özberkan’s roots are from Turkey. She has graduated from Lapland University of Applied Sciences with Bachelor of Culture and Arts. Özberkan started her career focusing on news in the Yle Turku regional office. Özberkan has been working with Susani Mahadura on a radio show with Yle Puhe since 2016 as Mahadura & Özberkan. Mahadura & Özberkan talks about the social and political issues of the society. The program discusses for example structural racism and what it is like to live a minority's minority. Mahadura&Özberkan were awarded the Red Cross prize for courageous and uncompromising journalism in 2018. Özberkan has also appeared as a narrator on the 24H Europe - project, a 24h documentary film about young people in Europe,  which was one of TV history’s longest documentaries.