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Susani Mahadura

Susani Mahadura is a journalist, who has become a household name in Finnish media through her award-winning national radio programme Mahadura & Özberkan. 

Mahadura & Özberkan, a weekly show on national radio YLE since 2016, talk about social and political issues in Finnish society, and were awarded the Red Cross prize for courageous and uncompromising journalism in 2018.

Her first film Ikuisesti sinun x3 was a short animation, which tells the director’s mother’s love story. The film was shown at the Artova festival where it won the audience prize and was shown at Rakkautta & Anarkiaa festival in 2014 & 2015, with further screenings in India, China and Germany. 

She has also appeared as a narrator on the 24H Europe - project, a 24h documentary film about young people in Europe, which was one of TV history’s longest documentaries. Susani Mahadura is now directing her second documentary which will premiere on national TV Yle in spring 2020. The documentary tells the story of a black trans woman living in Finland and dreaming of becoming a super model.