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Information on Prices for Radiodays Europe October 2021 (*Postponed from 2020)


It is still possible to buy tickets to watch the Online Catch Up videos from 2021.

- Online Catch Up price: 725 EUR + 23% VAT

All tickets purchased for the postponed 2019 event are valid for watching the Catch Up videos if you do not have your login to Swapcard out Virtual Platform you can request a new link at 

Terms & Conditions for the sale of tickets to Radiodays Europe 2021

Cancellation policy - Registration is binding and payment for ticket will not be refunded. If a registered delegate cannot participate after all, you can transfer the ticket to another person. To do this – send mail to
Force Majeure - The Association Radiodays Europe reserves the right to modify dates, locations, time schedules and programmes caused by “force majeure”. “Force majeure” is defined as incidents beyond anyone’s control such as - but not limited to - general strikes, invasions, hostilities, war, rioting or similar situations, or acts-of-God such as - but not limited to - epidemics, floods, volcanic eruption, earthquakes or other convulsions of nature and other acts. In that case, the registration remains binding. In the case of event cancellation directly or indirectly caused by - or resulting from - "force majeure", Radiodays Europe will notify the registered persons. The contract shall automatically terminate, and the Association Radiodays Europe may retain as liquidated damages any and all fees paid by the registered person.