Passion meets Progress

Paris, France 2016 – Radiodays Europe Host City

So next year,13 - 15th of March, we wish to see you all again in PARIS!
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Speakers Milan 2015
Elvis Duran, Morning Show Host - Z100, US

Elvis Duran

Morning Show Host - Z100
Jacqueline Bierhorst, Project Director Digital Radio+, NL

Jacqueline Bierhorst

PD Digital Radio+, NL
Luigi Gubitosi, General Manager of RAI, IT

Luigi Gubitosi

General Manager of RAI, IT
Helen Boaden, Director of Radio, BBC, UK

Helen Boaden

Director of Radio, BBC, UK
Cécile Mégie, Director of RFI, FR

Cécile Mégie

Director of RFI

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Get the best of the best from Radiodays Europe 2015!

Catch up with the sessions you missed!  Watch your favourite sessions again!  Or - if you were not there - get an overview of Radiodays Europe 2015 by watching the 25 best sessions at home, at work or anywhere!  Radiodays Catch-Up has been launched!

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Thanks for another excellent day at Radiodays Europe yesterday.

There were so many inspirational sessions and conversations. The difficulty is knowing how to absorb it and implement it into your work.

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Participants at Radiodays Europe 2015

Did we get a picture of you at Radiodays Europe in Milan?

Our own photographer, Conor Mccabe, has been using his camera most diligent these three days. If you use the links below, you can see if you are one of the lucky/unlucky ones who have been caught by his lense during the conference.

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Paris, France 2016 – Radiodays Europe Host City

After two fantastic days in Milan Radiodays Europe has announced that the host city for 2016 will be the French capital of Paris.

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Youtube made the radio star

Do you own a radio? The latest presenters on BBC Radio 1 in the UK don’t, they’ve never owned a radio.

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What does your brand sound like?

Tomas Bacoccoli is a Communications Expert. He spoke about one of the most emotive types of audio: music. He demonstrated how, by using sound effectively, radio producers can make stations - and help our clients be - more successful.

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30 Ideas in 45 Minutes

Nik Goodman hosted a panel of great speakers (Sam Crowther at Bauer, Ulla Svenson at Swedish Radio, Helen Thomas from BBC Radio 2, Larry Gifford, a Consultant, Anna Sale from New York Public Radio, and Gracia Lee at KBS) for a quick-fire session to bring more ideas to radio.

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A new form of public value

Can you make a hit song, do public good and build your media brand, all at the same time? Finland’s YleX believe so. And the answer for them is condoms, obviously.

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Reimagining your radio station

Phillip von Martius is the General Manager at Ego FM in Germany. He talked about how they established Ego FM to break the format rules. Whilst the station's broadly an indie/urban station, they wanted to reach a younger audience made up of anyone curious about new music.

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Radio in South Africa

People grow up with telling stories in South Africa, so radio makes sense. It means  there are a lot of radio creatives in South Africa.

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What is the future of radio in the car?

In Italy 70% of radio listening takes place in the car. But will this always be the case? In fact, will radio always be in the car? 

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Radio 2 is number 1

Helen Thomas, Editor of Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show, talked about how they create one of the world’s most successful radio shows.

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My radio market is bigger than yours

How can you grow your radio market? A tricky thing to do, but not impossible…

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