Passion meets Progress

First 25 speakers and 3 exclusive workshops announced

Now you can register - not only for the conference, but also for the workshops.
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Speakers Milan 2015
John Vorhaus, international creative consultant

John Vorhaus

Creative consultant
Elvis Duran, Morning Show Host - Z100, US

Elvis Duran

Morning Show Host - Z100
Laura-May Coope, Director of Social Life, UK

Laura-May Coope

Director of Social Life, UK
Mel Greig, Radio DJ 2FM in Sydney, AUS

Mel Greig

Radio DJ 2FM in Sydney
Tomas Bacoccoli, former president of Swedish RAB, SE

Tomas Bacoccoli

Former president of RAB Sweden

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Elvis Duran, Morning Show Host - Z100, US

The Z100 Morning Show

“Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show” wakes up New York City every morning! The programme is also heard in over 70 markets across the USA, making its host, Elvis Duran, one of America’s most popular radio personalities.

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The infamous royal prank call – the DJ tells her story

Mel Greig and her co-host on 2DAYFM in Sydney pretended to be the Queen of England and Prince Charles when they called a London hospital where a pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated. They thought “Let’s have terrible accents and see how quickly they hang up.”

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John Vorhaus, international creative consultant

The Comic Toolbox /or How to be funny when you´re not


There is absolutely no secret to being funny. All it takes is a willingness to risk, and an understanding of a few simple tools, says John Vorhaus, author of the comedy-writing classic, The Comic Toolbox: How To Be Funny Even If You`re Not.

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Check out the RDE 2015 workshops!

Three high quality and highly radio relevant workshops will be offered Sunday 15 March from 13.30 to 16.30.

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New Motto: Passion meets progress

We all share the passion for radio and its future. Radiodays Europe 2015 will be about sharing the challenges and opportunities faced in a time when the media market is changing faster than ever. 

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First programme announced for Radiodays Europe 2015

With just three months to go before Radiodays Europe in Milan, we are announcing the first round of sessions at the conference. Read more

From Sunday at 1200 to Tuesday 1600

Are you planning the trip to Milan?  This is when you need to be there.  One attraction on Sunday: Sneak preview of EXPO 2015.  On the picture is the Italian Pavillion.

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Not radio or tv, but how to engage people in different environments

Will radio always be radio?  No! says Clive Dickens.  In 10 years we will only be speaking about how we best can engage people in different environments.

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15 reasons to attend Radiodays Europe 2015

At RDE you get: the latest innovations, best practices, success stories, future strategies, networking and a lot of inspiration and take-home ideas for your station. Read more

A taste of the Radiodays Europe programme

What can you expect to hear if you come to RDE 2015 in Milan?  Have a taste!  Listen to one of our great speakers from the Dublin-event, Sam Cavanagh, SCA, Australia!  His theme: "I wish I'd thought of that - the secret to great ideas"

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Milano Congressi - venue for RDE 2015

The North Wing of MiCo (Milano Congressi) has conference halls well fitted for Radiodays Europe.  MiCo is located a few metro stations from the vibrant center of Milan - a city which has a lot to offer of fashion, culture, soccer, radio and business.

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All Italian radios meet in support of RDE in Milan

Earlier in October representatives from the Italian radio industry, including Rai, the big private radio groups and local radios, met in Milan to get involved in the planning of Radiodays Europe in March 2015.

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