The panel of family matters from Radio City de Badalona
The grandmas of Family Matters
Radio City of Badalona

Family Matters is a section in the morning magazine of the public radio named Radio City of Badalona. In this part of the show, the radio grandmas review week-by-week the main news topics of the city and facts of life in general with a fresh tone and without prejudices. Their radio talk is an unmissable event for the citizens of Badalona (one of the most important cities of Catalonia). Three are the main elements for the success of this show: the listener’s participation in a call-in format asking for local (or life) questions to the grandmas; the presenters: the cheeky grandmas giving pieces of advice with humor; and the transmedia format, as the section is broadcasted  live via radio, televisión and streaming on the web. You can also download the radio podcast, or the tv show with VOD. Music is also part of the show because the grandmas sing and even dance some popular songs, especially oldies. Maria Antònia Carbó, Carme Sánchez and Rosa Garriga are the grandmas of Family Matters. Miquel López the producer and reporter and will be the speaker from Family Matters.