Staxx Williams
Creative Services Director
Z100 / KTU New York
United States

Staxx was born on a foggy April evening in Fairfax, Virginia. Swaddled in a discarded burgundy and gold football jersey, he opened his mouth before his eyes, and bellowed the deepest cry his mother, or any of the staff at the hospital had ever heard. He always shook his rattle at 125 bpm, loved carrots, and had an affliction for movie trailers. 34 years later, Staxx still has the over-shaped head of a child, but has grown into a voice that's moulding brands in today's continuously evolving mediascape.

10 years of hosting, writing, and producing, miraculously landed Staxx aboard the mothership of American radio, Z100 New York. He says "I'm just working to land tricks off the wake left by the legendary Dave Foxx," Staxx spends most days branding around corners in today's continuously evolving mediascape on Z100 and various other brands across the US for iHeart Media.