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Pedro Jorge Castro
Deputy Director

Launching an FM news radio in 2019...seriously? Why?
Observador, one of the leading news websites in Portugal, was chosen by the specialized media as the best Portuguese news source in 2018 and 2019. Rádio Observador, a news radio on FM, was elected the launch of the year in 2019. Why did we do it? How did our journalists, who typically write long form articles, adapt to show their work on the radio and through our 50 podcasts? What challenges did we face? What do we do differently? And how is it going so far?

Pedro Jorge Castro was recruited by Observador in 2017 as video coordinator and in 2018 he was appointed to lead the launch of Rádio Observador, the most recent FM news radio in Portugal, mixing the great human resources at Observador newsroom and their experienced reporters on all the main subjects (but little radio experience) with a new team of 30 people hired and trained to keep the radio working 24 hours a day and to produce more than 50 podcasts. Previously, Pedro worked for 20 years as a journalist mainly at print media in Portugal, including 10 as senior writer at bado newsmagazine. He has a master's degree in Contemporary History and wrote three books about the Portuguese dictatorship and revolution.