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Niels Hoogland
Station Manager
The Netherlands

Niels Hoogland volunteered at a local (dance/urban) radio station while studying business in Amsterdam. From 1995 onward he hosted numerous shows on Radio 538. Along the way he added music director and eventually program director duties, ultimately overseeing all content (digital as well) on 3 radio stations (538, Radio 10, the urban online Juize.FM he founded) and a linear streaming platform of 8 linear music streams.

The biggest milestone during the 16 years at Radio 538 was leading the team that made ‘538’ become (and remain) market leader.

At the Sky Radio Group he managed streaming platform MyRadio (a service similar to Pandora) and Radio Veronica including all marketing for both brands.

Currently he is station manager for public ‘platform’ NPO FunX, aimed at urban youth. FunX has a very strong online presence (hence the word ‘platform’) through its website & app, social accounts and YouTube strategy.

Over the almost 25 years in Radio the secret to his success has been to build trust and honesty with the teams he’s worked with. The basis for this being empathy as the foundation of creating a positive culture to create amongst the team.