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Mikkel B. Ottesen

Through 30+ years in radio, Mikkel B. Ottesen has always taken pride in breaking the rules and staying away from traditionalist thinking. Roles ranging from sports reporter over chief news editor and program director has provided a deep professional understanding of (and a life-long love affair with) the most versatile media platform in the world: radio.

Mikkel B. Ottesen has built a range of successful media products, both for radio and other platforms with one particular thing in common: both the audience and the sales departments loved them. He particularly believes in engagement on the terms of the listeners, not the terms of the platform and in radio as the practical backbone and ever changing soundtrack to everyday life.

In his capacity as CEO and co-founder of RadioAnalyzer, he has provided radio with cutting edge data analytics since 2013 and today Mikkel B. Ottesen has earned the trust of decision making and trendsetting market leaders across the Globe.

Danish company RadioAnalyzer is the Global leader in real-time data analytics for radio.