Michael Dujardin
Global Head of Marketing & Media

Michael Dujardin (° 1977) started his media career at the age of 10--creating his own radio show called "The Kids Club," distributed on cassette to his nephews and nieces throughout Belgium. (And YES, those tapes still exist!) Many years later he started studying communications. During those student days, he worked for different magazines and radio channels. Michael launched three TV stations in Belgium--two music channels (TMF, JIM) and one kids channel (VTMKZOOM)-- and became a station manager for two of them. For Belgium’s leading media group, MEDIALAAN, he started the artist management company Starway, looking after the careers of candidates from different talent shows. He also managed all marketing communication for MEDIALAAN’s TV channels before joining Tomorrowland five years ago. As global Head of Marketing & Media, he oversees content production and media partnerships, with players such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Viacom, Tencent, Studio Brussel, Fun Radio, Radio Contact, and Radio 538. Michael is a real globetrotter with a passion for music, entertainment, and crazy nights with amazing friends.