Kenneth Andresen
Director of radio
MTG Norway


Norway turned off the fm net 68 days ago. The change has been doomed by politicians, radio management and audience. Were they right in their pessimism or is DAB+ the best future for radio? And should Europe follow?



Kenneth Andresen (45) is Director of radio for MTG Norway. He is an experienced radio manager for more than twenty years.

Andresen started his career in local radio in Oslo in the mid eighties. In 1993 he joined the efforts to establish P4, the first commercial nationwide radio station in Norway.

He has held various management positions in P4 for over 15 years, many of them in the role of news editor. He also has experience from the public broadcaster NRK and from the daily Dagbladet as an assignment editor and reporter.  Before taking on the responsibility for all of the group's radio business, Kenneth was in charge of the development and runnings of the groups new digital channels, such as P5 Hits and P6 Rock. MTG is the largest commercial radio group in Norway with 8 national stations and over 1.2 million daily listeners.