Kathy Tu
United States

Tobin Low and Kathy Tu are the hosts of Nancy, WNYC Studios’ LGBTQ-themed show about how we define ourselves and the and the journey we take to get there. Prior to Nancy, Tobin was a producer on WNYC Studios’ More Perfect, the Radiolab spinoff about the Supreme Court. He is the recipient of a 2015 STEM-story grant from PRX, and was a New Voices Scholar at the 2014 Third Coast Festival Conference. Tobin was once a professional cellist, and attended circus camp as a child. Go figure. Kathy heads up Nancy's west coast operations – AKA her home in Los Angeles. Prior to Nancy, Kathy did production work for a number of podcasts, including The Memory Palace, The Mortified Podcast, and Masterpiece Studio. She wants it noted that this whole hosting thing makes her very uncomfortable, but she's leaning the eff in. Find Kathy on Twitter @_ktu, and Tobin @tobinlow.