Jonas Bedford-Strohm
Team Lead Alexa
Bayerischer Rundfunk

Jonas is a journalist, researcher, entrepreneur and strategist with diverse experience in media, governance, advocacy and social-profit work He currently serves as Team Lead Alexa in the innovation management of the German Public Broadcasting Service Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich.

As assistant researcher in media ethics at Munich School of Philosophy, and associate researcher at the Center for Media Ethics and Digital Society in Munich, Jonas studies the digital transformation of public communication and the ethical implications of technological disruptions.

With Andrew Doss, he co-founded The Lighthouse Group, a global consulting group dedicated to clear and concise expertise on the shifting shapes of governance and media.

Having studied theology, philosophy and political theory in Heidelberg (Germany), Stellenbosch (South Africa) and at Yale, Jonas brings an uniquely global sensibility to all his projects.

Co-founding the non-profit Wikwiheba in 2012, Jonas has been working with German, American and Rwandan partners, donors, volunteers and churches to support youth in six locations in Rwanda with nutrition, school stipends, vocational training, health insurance, business grants, energy and water infrastructure, as well as art and agriculture projects. He co-authored Wer's Glaubt, Wird Selig (2013) and works as a bilingual journalist, writer and speaker in German and English based in Munich. Jonas is on Twitter at @bedfordstrohm.