Erik Portier
Chief Revenue Officer

Sales house is dead, long live the sales house!


The traditional Sales House model has an expiration date and it’s today! Honestly, do we still need many middlemen? What about integration and efficiency?

It is very surprising how many publishers still haven’t successfully implemented or even thought of a user friendly digital audio strategy. A new futureproof plan is at your doorstep and it integrates everything: from broadcasting & programmatic technologies, data management, analytics & exchange to the monetization and more. This dynamic 40-minute talk will cover it all with a comprehensive range of tactics, technologies and demo’s. Don’t remain in the last bastion of resistance!


Erik Portier is the CRO of Targetspot, the most advanced independent digital audio & advertising platform, connecting publishers & brands with listeners across wherever they listen through premium content, advanced proprietary technology, data and analytics. He has 25 years of experience and his career is marked by various managing functions in media and digital sectors (AdLink, RTL-IP, Google, etc.). He also is an entrepreneur in new technologies with a real strategic mindset. True music fan and guitar player, Erik will rock your world with a futuristic & strategic presentation you should not miss!