Dieuwertje Valentijn
Programme Manager
The Netherlands

Dieuwertje Valentijn (30) is driven by talent in a changing media landscape, with a strong passion for radio and new media. As a Programme Manager for Qmusic Netherlands, Dieuwertje teaches DJ’s and producers how to tell relevant stories in a captivating way, both on air and online. She strongly believes in the ongoing shift from radio DJ’s to media personalities with a strong presence on multiple channels.

On a daily base, Dieuwertje coaches her DJ team on finding the common ground between the station’s brand and the personalities of the DJ’s in order to make creative radio and online content that comes from the heart.

Dieuwertje has a history as a content creator as well, with positions as a producer for Dutch radio personality Giel Beelen and senior producer responsible for office hours of Qmusic Netherlands.