Dave Coplin
Founder & CEO
The Envisioners
United Kingdom

Dave Coplin helps organisations and individuals to see the full potential that technology offers to a modern, digital society. He doesn’t focus on the technology itself. But on the humans who use it. With over 25 years in the technology industry (and via his former “day job” as “Chief Envisioning Officer” at Microsoft) Dave is at the forefront of conversations on how individuals and organisations could benefit from the transformational potential that technology offers, rather than simply using it to do the same things, but only slightly better. He’s speaks regularly throughout the world to a wide range of companies, including in law, finance, banks, engineering, construction, schools and universities, food and drink, tech, and many more. His clients include Google, Facebook, Vodafone, Dropbox, The Economist and Nickelodeon. Dave’s work as a published thought leader allows him to begin new conversations with audiences to resonate at all levels about the changing nature of work, which requires greater flexibility, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Dave’s books ‘Business Reimagined’ and ‘The Rise of the Humans’ discuss the need to rethink how we use technology to make it work for us, not against us. One of the most influential people in the digital industry, he was nominated as one of the Drum’s Digerati (2013, 2014) BIMA’s Hot 100 (2013) and the Digital Marketing Show’s “Class of 2014”.