Christiana Jankovics
Chair, ORF Equal Opportunity Commission

Born in 1964 in Vienna. Communication and Theatre Studies. In 1987 Christiana Jankovics has joined ORF as TV editor and as reporter for magazine programmes as well as for the news department, reports from Latin America. In 1998 she has started the set up of the platform Women at ORF, she is member of the ORF Works Council (since 2000), member of the ORF Central Works Council (since 2004) and member of the ORF supervisory board, the so-called ORF Foundation Council (since 2008). She is also Chair of the TV Works Council (since 2012) and has played a leading role in setting up equal opportunity at ORF. She is also founding member of the Task Force of the ORF Women Platform, Chair of the ORF Equal Opportunity Commission and Women’s Representative for ORF & its affiliated companies at the GPA-djp (trade union for the media sector/journalism).