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Cathrine Gyldensted
Constructive Journalism Network
The Netherlands

Cathrine Gyldensted is the co-founder of Constructive Journalism Network. She served as Director of Constructive Journalism at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (2015 -2017). As part of these endeavors, she has been offering consulting services, trainings and workshops for professional reporters and editors worldwide, while being a frequently invited expert at professional and academic conferences. Gyldensted initiated the idea to synthesize positive and prospective psychology to the field of journalism (2011), coining the term ‘constructive journalism’ academically and conceptualizing it with Dr. Karen McIntyre, VCU, USA. Gyldensted has worked for over a decade as an investigative reporter, foreign news reporter, radio anchor and executive producer for Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Radio24Syv.