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Bill De Lisle

Data Junkie, Analytics Specialist, Radio Programming Expert and Lover of all things Music and Pop Culture, Bill De Lisle is fondly referred to by his colleagues at RadioAnalyzer as “The Germerican”, where the US-expat-gone-native-German brought a wealth of radio, research, and innovation expertise with him when he joined with the Danish company in 2014.

An expert in Radio Strategy, DJ-Coaching, Music Programming, and Research Analysis, Bill has helped stations across his now-native German market and around Europe to make the most of their staff, program, and research numbers.

He firmly believes in the constantly questioning the industry paradigms of “what works” and encourages us all to keep innovating. He always tells clients: “Reserarch is not there to tell you what to do, it’s there to tell you if you were right after you’ve done it”.

Danish company RadioAnalyzer is the Global leader in real-time data analytics for radio.