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Armin Braun
General Manager & Program Director
TOP Radio

As GM and Group PD responsible for the success of KISS FM, 94.3 rs2 and Berliner Rundfunk 91.4 Armin lives in Berlin in his ludicrously well-connected Smart-Home.

Armin Braun’s track record is impressive. From local reporting on-air in the city of Nürnberg to successful years in Baden-Würtemberg and Berlin-Brandenburg over a record-breaking tenure at Antenne Bayern that rocked the German ratings.

Armin Braun believes in the power of personalities, local presence, emotions, storytelling, and live events, especially now in an increasingly digital world. With his unique brand of audio strategy he has led the stations at Funkhaus Halle to record high ratings results and now follows a mantra of “100 % User-Focus” for the TOP Radio stations in the Berlin market, winning the no. 1 spot in one of Europe’s largest and most influential metropolitan areas.