Anders Held
Co-founder and Manager
Radiodays Europe

Anders Held is Co-Founder and Manager of Radiodays Europe. He has been one of the main drivers behind the success of Radiodays Europe since the start in 2010. Since then Radiodays Europe has grown into the world´s leading radio and audio event with 1600 attendees.

Anders is also the Founder and Manager of Podcast Day and the new Radiodays Asia 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with partners in Asia Pacific.

Anders has been involved in radio for over 30 years at Swedish Radio. He is a journalist, starting in radio as a news reporter. He has been a producer and presenter of national current affairs programmes and held positions as Head of news and PD of a regional station before becoming Head of Communication and Audience Research for Swedish Radio, as well as Head of International Relations. He has a long track record of working internationally within the radio industry, and has spoken at numerous radio events worldwide.

As an event organizer, Anders was responsible for the Swedish Radio Day for nine years, prior to the expansion of Radiodays Europe.