Speaker Information and Production Requirements 

Thank you for your participation in Radiodays Europe 2017 in Amsterdam! For the full speaker information click here

Here is some practical information about the venue, general information and technical requirements for you as a speaker. Please read carefully.

You will receive a more detailed session description, called a Session Brief, with the final show time, session room and room host in a separate document approximately 2-3 weeks before the conference.

Presentation Sizes

Please note that the screen format is 16:9 in all session rooms (wide screen).

Speaker Audio / Visiual Request form

YOU MUST fill out Speakers Audio/Visual Request Form - The Request Form will be available later this year.

For questions and/or special technical needs, please contact: alexander.hogberg@sr.se

On the day - Technical requests and presentations 

There will be a Speaker Ready Room where you can upload your presentation prior to the session and prepare your speech. Technical staff will help you to get the presentation prepared for your session room.

You MUST upload your presentation in the Speaker Ready room to avoid any problems during your session. Please upload your presentation on Sunday 19th of March at RAI Convention Centre between 12.30 and 17.00, if this is not possible you must upload them at the earliest opportunity when you arrive at the venue

Bring you presentation on a USB-stick.

We use PCs and ask that you to use PPT (Power Point). There is also the option of using your own computer in the session room. In that case, don´t forget to bring VGA-connector. As mentioned above, please upload your presentation in the speaker ready room on Sunday or at the earliest time before your presentation - this is your back up even if you are using your own laptop! 

Introduction and Q&A

We start and end on time!!!

You will be introduced by our moderator/room host and we would like to have about 5 minutes at the end of your session for Q&As. These will in most cases be submitted via Twitter to the moderator.

Please get straight to the point in your presentation NO lengthy presentations about your background and your company. When it comes to slides, less is more. Less slides and not too much text on each slide - please remember this is an international audience so be clear. Make sure your last slide has 3-5 takeaways from the most important learnings from your presentation.

There will most likely be simultaneous translation in the Auditorium, track 1. If you have a manuscript, the translators would be happy to receive a copy.


Your session will be videoed and the audio recorded. Some sessions will be featured in our on-demand offer “catch-up” via our website (which people pay for as a small addition administration cost). Shorter clips might also be posted on our website. 

Press and PR

We are grateful if you can help spreading the word about Radiodays Europe through your own channels. If you have any news items in your presentation or you are preparing a press release, please contact our Communications Manager Rosie Smith: rosie@radiodayseurope.com You might also be contacted for pre-event interviews by journalists. During the event we will ask many of you to go direct to a press area, where interviews will be made by our own video and audio teams, as well as by other media.

The hashtag is #RDE17

Check list for Speakers

  1. Have a set up my online profile with photo & 140 word bio? 
  2. Have I submitted my Speaker Audio / Visual Request Form? 
  3. Is my presentation 16:9? 
  4. Does my presentation have a take aways slide at the end?
  5. Have I sent a press release or information out on social media to hashtag #RDE2017 that I am speaking at RDE 2017? 
  6. Have I double checked to see when and where my session will be held? 
  7. Have I uploaded my presentation in the Speaker Ready room on Sunday?

​We hope you have a fantastic time speaking at RDE!