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"I am what I play" - European rock-umentary premiere

Location Track 2, Hall F2 - Date Sun, 13 Mar 2016 - Time 14:00 ~ 15:00

What better place than Radiodays 2016 to have the European premiere of a rock-umentary on the heyday of rock radio in America! 

This full-length documentary focuses on four well-known North American rock radio disc jockeys. The four DJs come from four different markets at a time when they were given freedom on-air. They were ‘rock and roll’ with access to the biggest names, celebrities in their own right and led a revolution in radio.

The film also explores what has happened since that time as radio has become more ‘commercially controlled & new media has taken hold’. Where are the DJs today and is ‘free-form radio dead, or has it reinvented itself in unexpected spaces?’.

This is Director Roger King’s first feature length film where he profiles; MEG GRIFFIN a New York rock radio legend, who has spent 40 years on the radio, DAVID MARSDEN who first ruled the Toronto airwaves as David Mickie, a motor mouthed DJ who is featured in the rock n roll hall of fame. CHARLES LAQUIDARA a pioneer in Boston who was among the highest paid radio personalities in the U.S and finally PAT O’DAY was a DJ and Program Director at legendary Seattle station KJR and is credited with putting the Seattle music scene on the map.

The director and film maker Roger King will come to the premiere in Paris, to explain the background to the film and discuss how the role of djs has changed.

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