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Emotional marketing: Audio´s impact on your brain

Location Track 3, Hall N - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 11:20 ~ 11:00

Le marketing émotionnel : ou l'impact de l’audio sur votre cerveau

Emma Rodero (Professor, Spain), Martin de Munnik (Neurensics, Netherlands)


This session will explore the impact of audio on the brain and what can be learnt from the neuro and brain science field. How is audio perceived and processed, what is the difference compared to visual messages? What can we learn from how voices and music are used and what are the changes for the future to have more intense commercials and radio shows?


Tell me how you speak and I will tell you what I feel - Emma Rodero (Radio Researcher and Professor, Pompeu University, Spain) will discuss speech strategies in radio commercials. She will talk about cognitive processing (attention and memory) and present the results of a US study about attention and memory to different prosody strategies applied to radio commercials.

Martin de Munnik (Neuromarketing expert, NL) will explore the subconscious impact of music on buying behavior.

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