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Branding radio – how to make our medium large

Location Track 1 - Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 - Time 12:00 ~ 11:45

Des idées pour que la radio reste essentielle dans le mix marketing

Ralph van Dijk (Founder and Creative director, Eardrum, Australia)

We are entering a new golden age of audio and radio needs to stake its claim. So how do you position radio as an essential part of the marketing mix? How do you make it relevant to the brand managers and media planners who don’t listen? In this session we demonstrate innovative ways for the world’s largest quality brands to finally feel at home on radio. Then, we explore the best case studies of how radio markets itself. What can we learn from the new kids on the block like Beats 1, Pandora and Spotify. Is there an opportunity for a global marketing campaign to rebrand commercial radio? If so what would it look and sound like? Bring a blank page and an open mind, and you'll leave with plenty of ideas worth stealing.

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