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7 things you think you know about radio

Location Track 4, Hall M - Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 - Time 10:15 ~ 10:00

7 choses que vous pensez savoir sur la radio

Mikkel B. Ottesen (Co-founder, RadioAnalyzer, DK), Bill De Lisle (COO, RadioAnalyzer, Germany)


A good DJ break is never longer than 1:30! Listening patterns are habitual, and do not change on a day to day basis! (insert your radio paradigm of choice here)!

If you want to put your “pet-programming-peeves” to the test, the 2016 RadioAnalyzer session is the place for you. Using real listener reactions from all over Europe, the RadioAnalyzer crew will prove what works and what doesn't in radio in today’s market.

You may think traffic reports are important when bad weather is in the forecast and that a CHR station should chuck songs out as soon as they have peaked in the charts. Well, one of these statements is even more true than you think, while the other one is completely false.

The way your audience listens to you is changing, the way you measure it, might not be. But it should.  Don’t let other audio entertainment products take your market position. Beat them at their own game by observing your listeners. We will show you how.

This session is sponsored and produced by RadioAnalyzer.

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