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Saturday Masterclasses

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13.00 – 17.00 - Lisbon Congress Centre

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Podcast Masterclass - Eric Nuzum (Co-Founder Magnificent Noice, USA)

Dive into a creativity Masterclass on podcasting by podcastguru Eric Nuzum from Magnificent Noice, New York. 

Masterclass: Setting Your Podcast Up For Success

Most podcasts fail before they leave the drawing board because their creators don't ask themselves the right questions. From the largest international companies to the scrappiest independent media creator, almost all those new to podcasting encounter the same set of challenges. In this highly-interactive workshop, podcast consultant and veteran creator Eric Nuzum walks you through a design and development process to "stress test" your podcast or podcast idea, learn from the success of others, focus on what makes your podcast distinct, and examine many common mistakes (and ways to avoid them).

Journalism Masterclass - Cathrine Gyldensted (Founder, Constructive Journalism Network, the Netherlands)

Do you want to be able to report even more accurately on the world? Then this workshop is for you. 

Masterclass: Put constructive journalism into your news reporting

Negativity bias in our reporting creates a skewed portrayal of the world. In this Sunday Master class we will work on our blind angles and hidden biases and be an antidote to the fake news of the world. You will learn: How to grow engagement instead of disengagement with users, what effective depolarising techniques are out there, making you an even better interviewer, moderator or anchor, how to strengthen our interview techniques, by "killing your victim " and "killing the crook" attitudes, making you an even better reporter, portraying the world more accurately, we will look at examples from De Correspondent, Die Zeit, YLE and The BBC - amongst others. Cathrine Gyldensted, the co-founder of the Constructive journalism Network, will guide you through the values, interviewing techniques and even the software to help you apply a constructive approach to your reporting.

Idea development masterclass - Ole Hedemann (Professor, Idea and Format Development, Inland University of Applied Sciences, Norway)

How to trim both your organisation and your development methods in order to reach diverse target groups, in particular the young generation.

Masterclass: Method to the madness: How to structure the development process

Public Service Broadcaster NRK in Norway has punched above its weight in the international arena lately, bringing online and TV success like SKAM, Nudes, Eyewitness, Teenage boss and Never ever do this at home, to the marketplace. Behind all of this is a thorough focus on audience insight prior to the development processes. Lately, they’ve also been busy trying to attach a young audience to their news services with ambitious projects on YouTube and Instagram. Ole Hedemann has been part of the Development Department since its start in 2007 and shares experiences on how to trim both your organisation and your development methods in order to reach diverse target groups, in particular the young generation, with plenty of illustrating examples.   

Radiodays Europe Women - Empowering women in the radio or audio workplace – Powered by David Systems

Moderators: Christel Higraff and Nessa Mcgann

1330 -1400 Why Empowering Women is the key to successful audio business Teresa Fragoso (Portugal)

1400-1430 Ask the executives roundtable Anne-Marie Dohm (Radio 4, DK)  Helena Bremberg (SR),  Carla Caracol (Portugal), Niina Jookiaho (Bauer, Finland), Moderator Nessa McGann

1430-1500 Women in Radio and the Music Industry Representation, Visibility and Challenges (Augusta Misha Glahn-Abrahamsen  (DR P3)

1500-1515 Break

1515-1530 Turn your female sales person into a rock star in 15 minutess (Evie Omirou, Cyprus)

1530-1600 Doing it on the streets; how to be a Mojo (Filippo Solibello, Italy)

1600-1630 Going it alone (Catarina Carvalho, Portugal)

1630-1730 Networking

Radiodays Europe Women takes place on Saturday October 9th, and in this three hour long masterclass you will meet other top level executives, who will share their own experience, and provide advice to women who aspire to be more empowered in the workplace, and to take the position they really want. The session will look at the current status for women around the world, and will offer concrete advice on how to actively better the conditions we work in, and how to feel more empowered.