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About Radiodays Europe Women

Radiodays Europe is pleased to announce an initiative to create greater connections for women attending Radiodays Europe. Become a supporter of Radiodays Europe Women and join our network of women from around Europe and the world #RDEWomen.

The first Radiodays Europe Women, Networking Session: Moving Forward was held on Sunday 18th March 2018. The session was be introduced by Marja Keskitalo (Head of Radio, Yle, Finland  and hosted by Cheyenne Mackay (Freelancer, Co- Founder & Organiser of the sonOhr Radio & Podcast festival), table hosts will also include, Ann Charles (Production & Technology Consultant, UK), Christiana Jankovics (ORF Women Task Force, Austria), Ulrike Wuestenhagen (ORF Women Task Force, Austria) and Helga Schwarzwald (Managing Director Association of Free Radio, Austria). The session looked to discuss the positive initiatives being taken in the radio industry worldwide and to discuss the theme 'Moving Forward'. You can read more about this session in our 'News' section here.

Gender equality is still an issue in radio in most places. Equality for women in radio is hitting the headlines, especially closing the gender pay gap. Whatever the situation in your station or your country, Radiodays Europe should be a place where we try to get as many female voices heard. Radiodays Europe is working on further events focused on Women at the 2019 event, further details will be released later in the year.