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RDE FAQ Lisbon 2021

Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2021 - FAQ & Useful Helpdesk questions

In this FAQ you will find answers to questions on Virtual Platform, Tickets, Catch-up videos, Masterclasses, 

The Virtual Platform

How do I access the virtual platform to watch online?

You can access via the Swapcard website or the Swapcard app available in iOS & Google.

iOS -

Google -

What do I need to access Swapcard?

You need your name and the email address you registered with to access the app.

I have forgotten which email I registered with?

You can contact to request your confirmation email which tells you which email address you used.

I cannot access the Virtual Platform what should I do?


Which are the best platforms to watch the content?

We recommend you watch on the latest version of Google and Safari.

I have purchased a ticket; how long will it take to get my initiation to the virtual platform?

Invitations will be sent within 24hrs of purchasing a ticket, if you have made a late registration, we aim to send your invitation to you a quickly as possible however please accept at busy tines this will not be immediate.

What functionality, networking & other options do I have on the Virtual Platform?

Please watch this short video to find out more about the Virtual Platform:


Can I still buy a hybrid Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2021 ticket?

Yes, tickets are still available you can register here the current ticket price is 725 EUR + 23% VAT:

What does my ticket give me?

Access to the in-person event, the online event and the catch-up videos.

Are their online tickets only available?

No, as this is the postponed 2020 Radiodays Europe there are no online only tickets available for this event.

Can I use my 2020 ticket for 2022?

No, tickets purchased in 2020 are only valid for the 2021 editions of Radiodays Europe in Lisbon or online.

Can I request a refund for my 2020 ticket purchase?

Radiodays Europe has a strict no refund policy which you accept during the registration process.

Can I request an invoice for ticket purchase?

Please send all invoice requests to

Catch-up videos

When will the catch-up videos be available?

The catch-up videos will loaded onto the virtual platform at the earliest possible moment, no later that 72hrs after the event however Radiodays Europe reserves the right to change this deadline due to technical and any other difficulties which may result in the videos going online.

I can’t watch the catch-up videos what can I do?

Contact Radiodays Europe releases videos in the best possible format and size and cannot be held responsible for individuals not being able to watch and videos due to file size or format.

How long will Catch up videos be available?

Catch up videos will be available for 30 days after the final day of the event.


I can’t find Masterclasses on the Virtual Platform online and in the App?

Only those who have paid for the Masterclasses can see them online and in the app.

I would like to buy a Masterclass how do I do this?

You can ‘Add’ a Masterclass to your registration in your confirmation email. If you do not have your confirmation email please contact all Masterclasses are 55 EUR.

Arriving at the venue & entry badge


What do I need to enter the venue?

You must have your Printed Entry Badge, Photo ID, Vaccine Passport or Negative PCR test to access the venue.

What time does the venue open?

- Saturday 13.00

- Sunday 9.00

- Monday 9.00

Where do I find my Entry badge?

You will have been sent an Entry badge before the event, please print this and bring it to the venue, if you do not have it please contact

Why do I need to print my Entry badge?

This year you need to print your entry badge due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

I am a speaker and do not have a badge?

At security, please confirm you are a speaker, you can collect your badge from registration.

I am an exhibitor and do not have a badge?

All exhibitors should go to registration to collect their badges.

Covid Safe Measures

What Covid safe measures are in place at the venue?

All attendees must show a Vaccine Passport or Negative PCR tests, social distancing will be in place, the venue will be reduced capacity, extra cleaning will be carried out, reduced contact at catering stations and on exhibition stands will be required, more time will be given to moving around the venue these measures are in place at the main venue and at the evening event venue. The wearing of masks in-doors is recommended. Be Kind, Be Safe.