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Radiodays Europe Virtual Platform

Welcome to the Radiodays Europe Virtual Platform & Catch Up Videos!

We are working with our Virtual Platform provider Swapcard which offers a richer event experience for all of you who are joining us online.

If you registered to attend Radiodays Europe 2021 you can access the Catch Up videos online until 14th November 2021 using our Virtual Platform!

If you need to contact our team for help you can do this at -

*Please note we will have a high volume of support requests during the event so please allow for our response times to be slightly slower than normal 

Joining the Virtual Platform: 

1. You will get your invitation to join the event approximately 1 week before the event. If you register later than 1 week before the event you will be sent the invitation when your registration is complete. 

2. You can log into the Virtual Platform using the email address which was used for registration, if you do not remember what this was please contact

3. You may also login directly via a 'Magic Link' - this will be sent to you via the email 

4. Join also in the app version - - again you will be asked for your email + password or request a 'Magic Link'

*Please note accounts will be locked if shared by multiple users and you will be locked out of the event.

What do I need to join the Virtual Platform: 

- Swapcard recommend you view the Virtual Platform on the latest versions of Google, Safari for the optimum experience 

- While in the Virtual Platform you can edit your profile, join sessions, network, visit exhibition stands and much more! There are some helpful videos at the bottom of this page to show how you do all of these things. 

- You will need a video and microphone if you are joining meetings and want to join live discussions 

How do I meet other attendees and network on the Virtual Platform: 

- For the first time Radiodays Europe is giving you access to all of the attendees with a variety of ways to contact, meet and interacte

- Fast & Curious on Sunday at 16.45 - join the Online Networking session! A fun session that's about discussing topics, ideas and interacting with other attendees. 

- Visit an Exhibition booth and meet the teams - send them a message and book a virtual meeting! 

- Live Disscusions in the sessions - In each session at RDE if there is time for questions to the speakers at the send of the sesion it's possible to join the live discussion. 

- Join the session chat - Chat with other attendees or ask questions to the speakers 

- Watch Party - Open a video call with your contact list and you can watch and chat together while you are watching the same session

Information on data collection on the platform - GDPR

Your data will be collected and dealt with by Radiodays Europe, organiser of this event to allow your access to the event, as well as its digital platform. When you register, an account will be created with all the information that you entered. This account will allow you to access to the platform and the attendees' list to network before, during and after the event. For further information on your data processing and your rights, please refer to Swapcard's protection of data policy: or send an email to

Watch the Swapcard video here for a quick overview of what the Virtual Platform can do: