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Radiodays 10 year Anniversary T-shirts

You’ve been to Radiodays Europe now buy the T-shirt!

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations we are offering you the opportunity to buy one of our ‘I Love Radio’ t-shirts! 

The T-shirt 

This beautiful T-shirt is in white (the only option) and just like any tour T-shirt lists the tour dates (10 years, 10 cities) are all on the back. 

The sizes

We are offering the T-shirt in 3 sizes Small, Medium & Large and although the model in the picture is a man this is a gender neutral T-shirt for all. 

The price 

T-shirts cost: 20 EUR + Swiss VAT 7.7%

The ways to buy

There are two ways to order your t-shirt either as part of your Registration or if you have registered already you can ADD a t-shirt

To ADD a T-shirt just go to your registration confirmation email and click on the Manage my booking link, this will allow you to go into your booking and ADD a T-shirt. 


Terms & Conditions 
RDE t-shirts can only be bought by those attending Radiodays Europe 2019. Collection of t-shirts is on site at Radiodays Europe, there is no shipping of t-shirts possible. It is possible to pre-order your t-shirt and to buy t-shirts on the day however there will be limited stock and sales will be on a first come, first served basis if you have not pre-ordered. If you cannot collect your t-shirt no refund can be given. Once ordered there is no refund possible on t-shirts. T-shirts are unisex and come in 3 sizes only, it is not possible to exchange t-shirts once ordered so please pick your size carefully. You will be able to collect your t-shirt from the regististration desk from the first coffee break on Monday 1 April 2019 until Radiodays Europe closes on Tuesday 2 April 2019.