Programme Committee

Creating the Programme for Radiodays Europe 2018!

Programme Committee for RDE:

The programme for RDE is designed by the RDE Programme Committee. The meeting of this Committee for 2018 is in September 2017 where the first ideas for speakers and sessions will be discussed. If you would like to submit a speaker and/or session suggestion please send these to

  • Anders Held, Sweden (Chairman of the committee)
  • Nik Goodman, UK
  • Peter Niegel, Denmark
  • Matthieu Beauval, France
  • Liedewij Hentenaar, The Netherlands
  • Martin Liss, Germany
  • Tone Donald, Norway
  • Gabrielle Cummins, Ireland
  • Matt Deegan, UK
  • Emma Rodero, Spain
  • Unni Malmgren, Finland

Chairman of the Programme Committee:

Anders Held, Sweden -

Assistant to the Programme Committee: 

Karen Albertsen, Denmark -