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Radiodays Europe Programme 2020

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Discover Your Brand’s True Identity

James Howard (Regional Senior Vice President, Programming & Program Director 103.5 KISS-FM, iHeartMedia, Chicago USA)    

Your brand is everything. So what do you want your listeners to feel about you brand? Find out how to discover its true identity.

In this session, engage in a highly interactive conversation about your brand’s identity within the competitive landscape. James’ approach to this important discovery will be a simple, but compelling exercise into how you want your target markets to feel about your brand. He’ll discuss the vital filtration process to help identify your overarching brand strategy. After this, you’ll never think about your own brand in quite the same way! 

Game changers podcast live: “Bean there, done that” 

Craig Bruce (International Radio Consultant, Podcast Host and Author, Australia), Gene “Bean” Baxter (Morning show host, KROQ Los Angeles, USA)

International morning show talent coach and host of the Radio Game Changers podcast, Craig Bruce, goes one on one with US radio hall of fame inductee, Gene Bean Baxter from the Kevin and Bean morning show in LA.

For 30 years, Kevin and Bean were at the forefront of the Los Angeles radio morning show scene. Their partnership was built on a unique chemistry and connection forged from countless hours of studio time and a commitment to the craft of morning radio. In a must-listen session for all morning show hosts, producers and program directors, Craig and Bean will talk about the secrets of “keeping the band together” and achieving the ultimate success through a combination of longevity and talent. What has changed over the last 30 years on radio, and what needs to change for morning radio to remain relevant in an on-demand, narrowcast world? And you’ll hear Bean talk about the challenges he faces as he starts afresh in the UK.

Memory and Melody

Matt Dickson (National Head of Creativity for the Studio, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

How and why your brand needs to capitalize on audio’s unique relationship with the brain. Music and melodies create indestructible memory structures, which help radio do a better job for brands.

In this session, Matt Dickson takes you through audio’s unique relationship with the brain, and how music and melody creates memory structures that are virtually indestructible. If the purpose of branding is to drive brand preference through mental availability, in many ways audio can do a much better job than almost any other medium. Find out what audio logo best practice sounds like, and how to create a distinctive and effective audio logo for your brand or radio station.

A new decade for audio

James Purnell, (Director, Radio and Education, BBC, UK)

With turbulence and disruption in the audio industry dominating the past decade, BBC's Director of Radio & Eduction, James Purnell, considers what is next for public service radio in the UK. In his keynote he'll discuss what the BBC is doing to maintain its distinctive role in people's lives and what creative opportunities lie ahead. 


Local and drive to digital

Caroline Beasley (Chief Executive Officer, Beasley Media Group, United States), Joe d’Angelo (Senior Vice President Broadcast, Xperia, United States)

How does a regional station compete in the American market? And how do you succeed in going digital? In this session Caroline Beasley will talk to Joe d’Angelo about her experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to Morning Show Production

Dennis Clark (VP of Talent Development, iHeartMedia, USA), Nik Goodman (Director, Bounce, UK), Gerlinde Jaenicke (Morning Show Host, RS2, Germany), Vincent Soulet (Exec Producer, Cherie FM Morning Show, France)                   

Producing an amazing Morning Show is vital to a station’s success. Get tips, tools & techniques on how to do it!

What are the secrets behind producing an amazing Morning Show? How do you create that magic formula to keep listeners coming back for more, and what are the essential elements you need to deliver on a daily basis? We have gathered together some of the best in the business for this fully interactive session. They’ll share their methods and techniques, talk about the things you can do to make your sound incredible, and answer all your related questions. Be a part of the big Morning Show conversation at Radiodays Europe!

Make your voice heard - podcast development by PRX 

Lindsay Abrams, (Training Lead, PRX, United States), Kerry Donahue, (Director of Training, PRX, United States)

Dive into a creativity Masterclass on podcasting by the PRX training team from New York. 

Dive into a creativity Masterclass on podcasting by the PRX training team. The Master class will introduce you to human-centered design. How you will have a clearer path to success, when you think with your audience. Designing for someone instead of for everyone, so your show stand out from the crowd. How a good project is made stronger by having a clear and defined sense of the listener, and an understanding of how the thing you’re creating will be useful and meaningful to them.

How can machines and voice strengthen audio news?

Olle Zachrison (Head of Digital News Development, SR, Sweden), Mukul Devichand (Executive Director of Voice & AI, BBC, UK)

Two front-runners in digital audio news and personalisation outline their strategies with the use of new algorithms and voice assistants.

European public service broadcasters are developing news algorithms and voice assistants to help audiences discover and explore digital news stories. At Swedish Radio (SR), the news departments are using algorithmic supported editing and speech-to-text transcription to serve targeted audiences with their preferred choice of news clips. Hear about the subsequent increase in audio clip consumption in their app and the next step to truly personalised playlists and live everything on all platforms and in car. The BBC has created its own voice assistant, “the Beeb”. Together with a vast and creative journalistic offer and improved uses of AI, BBC is set to be one of the only media actors that can give the global platform giants a match in the audio-voice space.

The rise of talk radio

Thomas Buch Andersen (Head of P1, DR, Denmark), Kamila Ceran (Editor-in-Chief, Radio TOK FM, Poland), more speakers to come!                                  

Around Europe talk radio stations are on the rise. Hear from and discuss with the heads of the most successful talk radio formats in Europe in this interactive session.

Talk radio – and spoken word in general – is on the rise. More and more listeners are tuning into talk formats. What is the magic sauce – the secret ingredient – behind the big talk radio success stories around Europe. In this interactive session you will hear from the heads of some of the most successful talk radio formats in Europe. What do they think is the secret behind their success? How do they distinguish between successful podcasting formats and successful talk radio formats and in which direction do they think talk radio will go in the near future? If you’re looking for new ideas for your talk radio station or for your morning show – then this session will give some good pointers. And if the moderator is not asking the question you want to ask… well ask the question yourself in this interactive session.

Radio is losing the younger listeners!

Rasmus Kidde (Audience Researcher, DR, Denmark), Siobhan McMenemy (Audience Researcher, BBC, UK), George Mullen (Audience Researcher, BBC, UK)  

Hear the latest research on youth and their changing listening behavior. Radio is losing the younger listeners – what can be done to win them back?  

Over the last couple of years, the younger audiences have adopted new listening habits. Music streaming services are increasingly taking over the listening behaviour of young listeners between 15 and 25 years of age. This session will show you the most recent research on young listeners and gives you insights into how to better understand and influence these listeners. From the public service broadcaster in Denmark, DR, Rasmus Kidde will share the results of a recent music and device study carried out by DR in Denmark. A study, which won the ‘Tony Twyman’ award 2019 for its outstanding insights into the changing listening behavior of youth. From public service broadcaster in Great Britain, BBC, Siobhan McMennemy and George Mullen share the latest research from the BBC regarding the listening behavior of young listeners adding some of the insights gathered on content and music appealing to youth audiences following the effect of BBC SOUNDS.

The Moment Interview - enhance the moment

Torben Brandt (Editor in Chief, P1, DR, Denmark)  

Learn and feel “The Moment Interview”. A live in-practice demonstration of the method by one of the most experienced interviewers in Denmark.

Storytelling on radio draws on memories and flashbacks. Sometimes an entire story is built on memories. The ‘Moment Interview’ technique brings you – the audience - and the storyteller back into the drama scene or the ‘now’.  In a collaboration with an interviewee - the method will be demonstrated live, in front of the Radiodays Europe audience, bringing his or her story to life. Reconstructing the drama, the movements, the smell, the words and the thoughts of the story. Torben Brandt will take a chance by conducting a Moment Interview on stage with minimal research. Usually he can develop 1-2 moments. Enough to understand the story - and more importantly - the method!

Podcast - update and latest trends

Tom Webster (Senior Vice President, Edison Research, USA), Adam Bowie (Business Development Manager, BBC World Service, UK) 

Podcasting is booming. Hear the latest overview from around the world and get inspired by the coming trends from the experts in the field.

Tom Webster from Edison Research will give you the overview of, who is listening to podcasts, what they are consuming, how they are listening and his view on how the future for Podcast is looking across the world. Adam Bowie from his perspective as Business development Manager, BBC World Service, will give you his view on the biggest and most interesting trends in podcasting. New formats, new platforms and new revenue opportunities. What will we be talking about in the coming year, join this session and find out?

Traditional to digital: a management challenge

Cilla Benkö (Director, Swedish Radio, Sweden), Christoph Falke (General Manager, Axel Springer Audio, Germany)

Digital transformation is easier said than done especially for big organizations. Here, two senior managers – public and commercial – share their experiences and strategies.

Change is difficult, even when there’s an obvious need to change. It takes boldness, vision and a lot of energy to make teams and executives appreciate that the world and the business is changing. This is especially true for big organisations, public and private. Changing to digital is a huge management task. But it must be done, and it can be done. In this panel discussion, Swedish Radio’s Cilla Benkö and Axel Springer’s Christoph Falke share how their organisations changed – specifically how they did this from a management and leadership standpoint.

Making lots out of little: repurposing content

Amy Woods (Founder, Content10x, United Kingdom)

You might think you know how much content you can generate out of one original piece. Well, you actually don’t until you’ve met Amy Woods.

Creating audio is the essence of what we all do, but how to do this effectively and economically sensible is almost a private matter. Amy Woods has mastered the art of making 10x pieces of interesting, compelling and efficient content out of one single chunk of original. If you always thought “there must be more I can do with this”, then this session is for you. If you believe you know it all about how to make lots out of little – well, you don’t until you’ve met Amy Woods. This session is hands-on, eye-opening, fun, and gives you lots to take home and put into action immediately.

Seriously Funny – Comedy on Radio

Jon Holmes (Writer & Comedian, United Kingdom)               

Being funny is a serious business! Hear from some great comedians about how they do comedy on the radio.

Comedy on radio is more popular than ever before, and with so many different formats and

ways of delivering comedy, we’ve gathered together some of Europe’s funniest radio comedians (so they tell us) to talk about how they do it. If you’re looking for new comedy ideas for your station, want to learn how to write comedy for radio, or you just want to have a bit of a laugh, then this session will deliver! If you want to learn about DAB – you’re in the wrong room.

‘How to Develop & Differentiate Music Formats

Chris Stevens (Founder, Chris Country, UK) more speakers to come!

Find out about the most interesting music formats around at the moment and what the strategy is behind them.

In radio, we’re always looking for new and interesting music formats to develop, or to refresh established formats with an innovative angle. This session will bring together some great case studies of radio stations from across Europe who have built an audience and provided something different. Hear how they did it, as they share their programming strategy and learn where the opportunities in original music formats may lie in your market.

Put constructive journalism into your news reporting

Cathrine Gyldensted, (Founder, Constructive Journalism Network, the Netherlands)

Do you want to be able to report even more accurately on the world? Then this workshop is for you. 

Negativity bias in our reporting creates a skewed portrayal of the world. In this Sunday Master class we will work on our blind angles and hidden biases and be an antidote to the fake news of the world. You will learn: How to grow engagement instead of disengagement with users, what effective depolarizing techniques are out there, making you an even better interviewer, moderator or anchor, how to strengthen our interview techniques, by "killing your victim " and "killing the crook" attitudes, making you an even better reporter, portraying the world more accurately, we will look at examples from De Correspondent, Die Zeit, YLE and The BBC - amongst others. Cathrine Gyldensted, the co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Network, will guide you through the values, interviewing techniques and even the software to help you apply a constructive approach to your reporting.

Radio in car: fast and future

The necessary update about radio in car: latest innovation, connectivity, design, UX, UI, sound, data and FAANG’s, etc, to know what will happen in the dashboard.

Recently, Google has released Android Automotive to turn your car into a smartphone, Amazon sells a small device to turn your old auto into a smart speaker (and Spotify is ready to do the same…) Car makers are entering into the vocal assistant war…Look at the bright side of life and check all these new opportunities to reinvent the radio in the car, with the latest inputs and insights from world famous carmakers.

Event Management...Radio Station Style

Gabrielle Cummins, (CEO, Beat 102-103, Ireland), Romain Beignon, (Director,  Diversification and Publishing, Radio France)

Imaginative, creative and ambitious events organized by radio stations to broaden its reach into untapped communities, elevate the radio station’s standing and future proof its position. 

Every radio station organises events, whether its concerts, Radiothons or big competition launches. Some radio stations, however, have a different perspective on what an event should be, have a broader view on the potential impact on the radio station and have a bigger vision for the role of their radio station in the communities they broadcast to. In this session we hear from radio stations who have let their imaginations run wild and organized events which appear on the surface to have nothing to do with radio.  

Podcast, Radio and Revenue – Living Together Harmoniously? 

Rune Born Schwartz, (Head of Innovation, Bauer Media, Denmark), more speakers to come!

Can you maximize podcast revenue without cannibalizing your radio revenue?  How do you sell podcasts and is it possible for radio and podcasts to financially co-exist in harmony? 

The growth of podcasts has resulted in an additional revenue stream for some, an additional advertising and sponsorship opportunity for others but is there a middle ground? Is there too much focus on monetisation from a podcast only perspective and do radio stations appreciate the difference between selling spot advertising and selling podcasts? As broadcasters we need to have a more holistic approach. When we combine the storytelling strengths of podcast with the massive reach of radio we are able to build truly effective branding campaigns in audio.

Radio Advertising Works? Prove it! 

Radio advertising works but how can we ensure we share its impact and effectiveness with advertisers, brands and agencies?

When radio advertising works, it really works. It speaks directly to the listener by integrating its message in their favourite radio station allowing advertisers access to customers in the most trusted of mediums. Radio’s job is to make sure that everyone knows this! Data, technology, analytics, creativity and good old-fashioned emotional pulling at the heart strings all play a part in making sure that radio successfully sings its own praises and reaps the financial rewards. Hear how three different radio groups tackled the task of promoting radio

Niall’s Top 10 Promotions

Niall Power, (Head of Station Sound, Beat 102-103, Ireland)

The 10 best radio promotions from around the world

Back at Radiodays Europe for the third year in a row, this session has proven to be a winner with conference delegates, featuring in the Top 5 sessions each year. Niall Power has combed the globe for the most innovative, exciting, weird and wacky radio promotions and shares the concept and execution for each including on-air, video, social media, events and special features of each promotion.

The Radio Summit

Cathinka Rondan (Head of Radio, NRK, Norway), Caroline Beasley (Chief Executive Officer, Beasley Media Group, United States), Patricia Schlesinger (Director General, RBB, Germany), more speakers to come!

The audio industry is booming. So what does the future hold? 

In the Radio Summit we will again hear from four top-level radio executives from across Europe and the US, both private and public. They will share their views on present challenges and future opportunities for radio and audio.

Transforming the Radio Ecosystem for the Future

Camille Bondeville (Guerilla Marketing Manager at DAVID Systems, Germany), Ann Charles (Director, Radio TechCon, UK)

We all have a role in transforming radio for the future. The Radio ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we need to develop our skills to be a part of the Radio transformation. Future developments in on-demand and broadcast content require all sorts of technical skills. In this session, we'll showcase the range of Tech skills to have nowadays, and different ways to expand them - from training courses, to transferring the skills you already have to a different part of the Audio and Radio industry. This session will emphasise how we all have a role in better transforming Radio for the future.

Radio Advertising, more than just spots

Radio advertising is no longer just about spot advertising, it’s about solutions. Hear about the campaigns, the executions and the results from both client and radio sales teams.

Radio advertising is operating on a different level to that of 5 years ago. Radio stations now offer cross platform advertising with everything from editorial to social media platforms to the traditional spot advertising included in the package. This session will hear about sales promotions which show the breadth of radio advertising from the point of view of the radio sales team and the client, taking us from conception to execution to impact and results.

State of the voice, episode 3

This is now a must have at Radiodays Europe: the unmissable panel discussion that makes you come back home with a clear vision of what happens in the voice field.

Voice as a tech and a new interface is definitely here to stay. From the bedroom to the dashboard, voice assistants and smart speakers will have their role in the future of our media. Even if everybody seems ready to embrace the “voice cause”, it is more important than ever to keep in mind that working with the tech giants is like dancing with the devil. Discover the smart moves and key learnings from broadcasters’ voice experts.