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In-Person or Online?

In-person or Online? You must confirm how you attend Radiodays Europe

The count down has started, we now have to ask registered participants (ticket holders from 2020 plus those who registered early in 2021) to tell us if you will be attending in-person or online. This is a legal requirement and also helps us plan for the safest possible event. If you have registered for the event in the last month you do not need to do this as you answered this question as part of registration, if you want to change your status however, see below: 

To confirm your attendance preference: 

1. We are re-sending the Confirmation Email to all registered participants - if you have forgotten whether you have registered or not please look for this email in your inbox or spam folder. If you do not get this mail please contact Meetx

2. When you receive your Confirmation email to confirm your preference go to the bottom of the email and click on 'Click here to edit your registration'.

3. After you have clicked on the edit your registration link it will take you to the registration first page, in the first item on this page please choose 'In-person or Online' from the dropdown menu. 

4. Remember to click 'Update' and you are finished. 

If you then decide to change your preference you can do this by contacting rde@meetx.sechanges can be made up to and including 30 September 2021. After this date if you have any questions please contact

*All content will be available to view online after the event if you attend in-person or online as part of the registered ticket price.