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Commercial Partners
Multicam systems
Arnaud Anchelergue

MULTICAM SYSTEMS design innovative EASY-TO-USE live video production systems. All-in-One solutions with dedicated hardware and specific software.

Our interface is really intuitive, vert fast to learn and work with it. It takes advantage of PTZ camera control to let one non-technical operator managing the whole live production. We also propose software for a fully automated video filming. Live streaming multi flow, recording and podcasting to any video platform are standard features.

The innovative MULTICAM solutions are declined to offer an interface dedicated to answer every type of need.

RADIO is the automation mode that allows radio stations to broadcast 24 hours a day without human intervention. The system chooses the right camera for the right angle shot, according to the situation. Its revolutionary AI engine needs neither setup nor macros. Based on the analysis of the microphone level and the intensity of the discussion/show the system propose a dynamic production to your audience without any technician involve…