Commercial Partners
Future Instruments - KINAPS
Alain Renaud

In order to try and valorize the multi-track recordings of the Montreux Jazz Festival archive, the Metamedia Center works in partnership with the company Future-Instruments, located at the Innovation Park of EPFL. Future Instruments has created a visual, collaborative, and interactive web-based environment, KINAPS, which allows representing any kind of information (notes, documents, images, videos) as a virtual object that can be moved intuitively on a tactile screen, just like physical objects. KINAPS is compatible with mobile devices or any device equipped with a tactile screen. In the collaborative context, the objects can be exchanged from one device to another by a simple dragging movement, giving the feeling of continuous trajectories between screens. In another mode, participants can collaborate around a shared tactile surface with everyone’s interactions synchronized in real-time on all connected devices.

In the context of Radio Days, we use our suite of interactive audio objects, allowing users to remix, spatialize and manipulate multitrack recordings of performances.