Premium Commercial Partners
adremes GmbH & Co. KG
Anna-Lena Emke

adremes is the only communication and trading platform (ad exchange) for broadcast audio (FM, DAB) in Europe. The technology company provides solutions for a complete automation of booking processes for radio advertising inventory. The adremes’ platform features an interface that enables direct und instant communication by connecting the publisher's advertising- and playout systems with marketers and media agencies. With the service “added data”, radio stations are able to refine and enrich their advertising inventory with extensive additional information. Ads can be traded automatically and in real-time considering up-to-date weather and traffic data. adremes now maintains interfaces with classic radio-systems and is continually expanding. In the future, adremes will also integrate online/streaming audio and DSP platforms. The company, based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2014.