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Welcome to Paris! Posted on Sun, 2016-03-13 08:52

Welcome to Paris! If you are arriving over the weekend the weather today is sunny with a slight chill so bring your sunglasses & your jackets.

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A short story about everything - all about Radiodays Europe 2016 Posted on Sat, 2016-03-12 09:00

Looking for the full overview?  Here it is - workshops, films, conference sessions, evening events.  Read on!

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Bring your ticket to Radiodays Europe Posted on Sat, 2016-03-12 07:52

To make a swift passage through the registration at Radiodays Europe, bring your ticket, ID and payment receipt if you paid by bank transfer during the last week.


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Radiodays Europe Messaging Service Posted on Sat, 2016-03-12 06:00

Anyone can download the 2016 Radiodays Europe app and use it to get an overview of everything about the conference.  If you in addition want to be able to interact with the participants before, during and after the event, you need your own pin code.  The participants got this pin code by mail yesterday.

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Radio France invites to a grand Radio Night! Posted on Sat, 2016-03-12 05:50

Mathieu Gallet, CEO of Radio France, invites the participants of Radiodays Europe to a full radio night at Maison de la Radio in Paris.  We will be served with a mini concert in the grand Auditorium, drinks and mingling and invited to dance by DJ First Mike from the youth music channel Mouv.  1900 - 2330, not to be missed!

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Radiodays Europe welcomes six Nextgeners to Paris Posted on Fri, 2016-03-11 08:27

After last year’s conference, Radiodays Europe wanted to involve more young radio professionals in Paris. We wanted to open our doors to the future leaders of our industry. So this year, Radiodays Europe (working with our wonderful sponsors, EBU, ReelWorld and Swedish Radio) offered a limited number of free places to delegates aged between 18 to 30.

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New speakers added Posted on Thu, 2016-03-03 05:59

The winners of the German Radio Awards, morning hosts on the N-JOY/NDR morning show in Hamburg, are among the new speakers added for the upcoming Radiodays Europe in Paris 13-15 March.

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New speakers Posted on Thu, 2016-02-25 12:04

Latest confirmed speakers added: Thomas Doduik (Head of digital, Europe 1, France), Duncan Campbell (Group PD, ARN, Australia), Joël Ronez (Podcast production company TempsMachine, France), Olivier Sancier (In-car entertainment expert at Peugeot-Citroën) and  Emmanuelle Bastide (Journalist, Radio France International)

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Marconi welcomes radios of the world to Paris Posted on Wed, 2016-02-24 20:50

Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the inventor of radio, Guglielmo Marconiwill be speaking at Radiodays Europe. She will be welcoming participants on Sunday evening - but before that, there will be a unique screening of a new documentary about her life and work. 

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Wishing every day was Sunday @ Radiodays Europe
Wishing every day was Sunday @ Radiodays Europe! Posted on Wed, 2016-02-24 19:54
  • Radiodays starts on Sunday
  • Collect your badge before the rush
  • Join the events & bring your popcorn for movies!

This year Radiodays is welcoming visitors on Sunday! Check out our quick guide to this year’s Sunday events so you don’t miss out on the Sunday Fun at Radiodays Europe 2016!

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Networking Session: Fast and Curious! Posted on Wed, 2016-02-24 18:39

Sunday & Monday Networking Sessions: 16.00-17.00

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Gwendoline Debono
Gwendoline Debono, A very long career in Radio in a very short time Posted on Tue, 2016-02-16 14:13

Gwendoline Debono started her career in radio as an intern at RTL Radio in France. As a Columbian citizen she returned to this country to work in local radio on what would seemed to be a similar path to many who have trodden it before her. However, on the day after her return the politician Ingrid Betancourt was released after being kidnapped and held for seven years in captivity by the terrorist guerrillas FARC. This set in motion the start of a very long career in radio in a very short time for Gwendoline as she covered this story for RTL, 2008 listen to the report here.


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Creating the future. RDE programme announced! Posted on Fri, 2016-02-12 10:26

With more than 50 sessions and workshops, there is a lot to choose from. At most times, 4 different sessions are running on 4 stages. Once again, Radiodays Europe will be showcasing what´s new in radio and discussing how to create radio´s future.  Read programme!

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What a speaker line-up! Posted on Fri, 2016-02-12 09:05

New speakers are again being added to the impressive list of more than 100 speakers that will come to Paris and share their knowledge and experiences. Radio journalism, strategic views, success formats, new apps and digital platforms and programmatic advertising are all among this year´s topics at Radiodays Europe in Paris.

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Unique 4-days leadership programme Posted on Fri, 2016-02-05 13:08

Leading creatives is a great challenge.  Exclusive leadership programme offered before and during Radiodays Europe.  Read about the content, the teachers and the guest industry leaders taking part.  The programme requires pre-registration and costs 1980 euro.  For registration – e-mail

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French Translation at Radiodays Europe! Posted on Fri, 2016-02-05 10:41

All 3 tracks and all sessions translated into French.  RDE Partner “Les Médias Francophones Publics” is providing translation

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Newly confirmed speakers Posted on Thu, 2016-02-04 11:09

Here comes another amazing round of new speakers for Radiodays Europe in Pars 13-15 March: Music producer Pedro Winter, editor-in-chief of Syrian independent radio “Rozana” and the former politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit, now on Europe 1, France.  See all confirmed speakers.

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30 sessions and 60 speakers confirmed Posted on Mon, 2016-01-25 17:51

Podcasting, breaking news, radio events, emotional advertising, Spotify and Beats 1 – these are some of the topics of Radiodays Europe in Paris.


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