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Marconi welcomes radios of the world to Paris

Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the inventor of radio, Guglielmo Marconiwill be speaking at Radiodays Europe. She will be welcoming participants on Sunday evening - but before that, there will be a unique screening of a new documentary about her life and work. 

ELETTRA is a new TV-documentary about Princess Elettra Marconi, having its world premiere shortly in the Vatican. But as an attendee to Radiodays Europe in Paris you are invited to see a VIP screening of the documentary at Palais des Congrès on Sunday afternoon 13 March at 16.00.

The 45 minutes film has been made by Temistocles Lopez (Venezuela) and Ben Starr (Australia), who will be present at the screening together with Elettra Marconi herself, to talk about the film. The princess will later make the welcoming address to all participants at the Welcome Reception on Sunday at 17.30, also at the Radiodays Europe venue, Palais des Congrès.



So if it is a rainy Sunday in Paris, you will have two films to watch: The European premiere of “I am what I play”, a Canadian movie about American DJ´s at 14.00 and ELETTRA at 16.00.

As well as other things going on at Palais des Congrès on Sunday from 12.00, such as workshops (registration required), all exhibitors in place and a Fast and Curious Networking Session at 16.30.

The films can be attended on a first-come-first-serve basis.