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First speakers for 2022 announced

After a wait of two years we are very pleased to announce Yagmur Özberkan and Susani Mahadura

Announcing two of Finland's best loved hosts!


Radiodays Europe welcomes Yagmur Özberkan and Susani Mahadura who will be speaking at the conference in Lisbon 2020....when we wrote this we had no idea that we would have to wait two years to welcome two of Finland's house hold names. But we are very pleased to announce Yagmur & Susani will join us in Malmö in 2022!!! 

Journalists and the minds behind an award-winning podcast show, Özberkan and Mahadura are challenging the status-quo and encouraging important dialogue in Finnish society.

Susani Mahadura and Yagmur Özberkan have become house-hold names in Finland off the back of their award-winning podcast, fittingly named Mahadura & Özberkan, which has run weekly on national radio YLE since 2016. The show explores social and political issues in Finnish society. Mahadura and Özberkan discuss these issues from the perspective of two ethnic women in Finland, and with good humour and laughter, delve into the depths of topics which are usually taboo or simply not spoken about. For example, the podcast discusses structural racism and what it is like to live a "minority's minority."  The women were awarded the Red Cross prize for courageous and uncompromising journalism in 2018, as a result of the success of their podcast.

Yagmur Özberkan is a journalist and a presenter from Finland, and her ethnic roots are from Turkey. She graduated from Lapland University of Applied Sciences with Bachelor of Culture and Arts. Özberkan started her career focusing on news in the YLE Turku regional office.

Susani Mahadura is a journalist and has also appeared as a narrator on the 24H Europe - project, a 24h documentary film about young people in Europe, which was one of TV history’s longest documentaries. Mahadura is now directing her second documentary which will premiere on national TV YLE in Spring 2020.

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