European broadcaster form a Digital Radio Alliance

Prominent broadcasters from across Europe have come together to form an Alliance to promote digital radio. The agreement was reached by commercial and public service radio leaders in Paris this week.  


The 12 companies involved run more than 300 radio stations and reach more than 130 million listeners.  Meeting at the annual Radiodays Europe conference they elected the Director of BBC Radio, Helen Boaden, as the first President of the European Digital Radio Alliance.


Helen Boaden said: ‚ÄėMembers of the Alliance are sending a clear signal that they share a commitment to making DAB radio the predominant means of distribution in their areas of operation.


‚ÄėDigital radio offers great advantages to listeners but for too long we have seen it as a national issue.¬†That¬†fragmented approach has been holding back investment.


‚ÄėAs¬†DAB becomes¬†the natural choice¬†for¬†consumers¬†we¬†want Europe to embrace it and¬†manufacturers¬†to offer¬†DAB alongside¬†FM¬†in¬†sets and vehicles, just as they¬†did¬†for¬†medium-wave¬†and FM, and at a price which is attractive to the consumer.


‚ÄėThat will only happen if people see we are united in our determination¬†to¬†bring consumers the benefits of digital radio. ¬†The Alliance¬†is here¬†to provide that united front and to speak with one voice to manufacturers, governments¬†and¬†regulators.‚Äô