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New: Radiodays Europe Creative Leadership Programme


RDE is offering a new way to get more from your Radiodays Europee  participation in Paris. In cooperation with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, we have created a special 4-day program for radio leaders.


Programme Description

Facing increased competition and business pressures, declining budgets and digital disruption, the radio industry is constantly being forced to innovate. However the fast-paced changes within media rarely offers an ideal breeding ground for creativity and innovation - and yet it is required now more than ever.


This special 4-day program (two days prior and two days during Radiodays Europe 2016) provides radio industry executives and managers with exclusive insights and effective tools for fostering a culture of creative innovation and empowers executives to lead themselves, their people and their business to a more competitive future.


The first two days of the program (prior to RDE) include highly interactive sessions exploring the mechanics of ideation, from complex methodologies such as TRIZ, to spontaneous tools and approaches, underpinning brainstorming and problem solving combined with practical activities to understand the personal drivers and values of creativity in individuals and teams. Participants also examine the key organizational pillars of innovation that shape success, and the attributes for establishing and maintaining them for taking ‘ideas to reality’.


The second two days (during RDE) participants have full access to the entire Radiodays Europe program and also benefit from exclusive closed-door master classes with experienced industry leaders offering privileged insights into the industry and their personal strategies for success as a leader.


By the end of the program each participant will have developed a personalized "compass" enabling them to lead and align individual values with company strategy, both for internal innovation (e.g., processes, capabilities) as well as for external creative offerings.


Who Should Attend

- High potentials and senior executives

- Individuals managing teams

- Individuals leading change


Space limited. Register before 23 February.


What Participants Receive

- 2 full days of advanced leadership training focused on innovation and creativity

- Full access to RDE conference, including networking events Sunday and Monday night

- Exclusive closed-door “VIP” meetings with top industry leaders and speakers from RDE


Programme Benefits & Outcomes

During this program participants will:

- Explore elements of effective innovation

- Learn alignment techniques to develop competitive strategies for the market place

- Challenge and adapt existing business models

- Understand how to create and lead cultures and environments to promote innovation and drive progress in the face of challenging economic situation and industry challenges

- Benefit from privileged access to top industry speakers during RDE


Trainer: Stuart Hardy, UK,  Faculty Director Executive Education at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Stuart´s primary focus is to ensure that the latest thinking and innovations from high performance business are integrated into Berlin School’s creative development programs.

His particular skills lie in his ability to engineer group emotions on a corporate scale. Stuart has a vast client background, having worked with a broad spectrum of Fortune 500 companies.

His focus is on the concept of value in business - Value Propositions, Valuable Leadership and Business Value to Society. He uses this approach to drive sales and empower stakeholders through seminars and coaching.

Stuart‘s activities have appeared on BBC, ITV and German Television and his articles in European Business Magazines. His methodologies have been certified by Cranfield University, and he is a sought-after mentor to the industry’s top executives.


Price for the full “Premium Gold” package: 1980 EUR (incl French VAT).


Register here.  If you already have registered for the conference - and want to upgrad to this leadership program, send mail to before 23 February.