Networking RDE

Get the most out of Radiodays Europe - Network more!

Meet Ups at Radiodays Europe 

Why host a Meet Up? 

Have you got an idea you want to discuss, do you want to meet new people, do you want to gather together people you know to talk through an issue in the industry, do you want to become more involved in Radiodays Europe? Then host a Meet Up. To do this you need to email

Sunday Networking Session: Fast & Curious

Find out more about this fast and crazy networking session which runs on Sunday afternoon of Radiodays Europe. 10 tables, 10 topics, 10 minutes at each table - meet people, discuss hot topics and start Radiodays Europe with a bit of fun! Further details of timings and which topics will be covered at this event will be on our Faster & More Curious webpage. 

Meeting Points at Radiodays Europe

Look for the 'Meeting Point' sign in the exhibtion area at the  Radiodays Europe Venue. . If you want to find a space to have a quick meeting or to gather a group of people together tell them to meet at the 'Meeting Point' and off you go!

Five helpful tips for networking at a conference: 

  • Be prepared - bring business cards and be clear on who you want to meet
  • Have a schedule - when is the best time to find people immediately before a session (stand at the door) or after the session
  • Say hello to everyone in the coffee queue - people at Radiodays Europe are very friendly and in the coffee queue tend to be relaxed 
  • Take advantage of social media - use the Radiodays Europe hashtag to communicate with delegates 
  • Join the networking events - Radiodays is offering opportunities to network again this year, make sure you sign up!