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Fast and Curious networking session

Fast and Curious networking session: Sunday 31st March 2018, 16.45 - 17.45 - Exhibition Area, STCC

It’s back, Fast and Curious, the networking session.

10 tables, 10 topics, 10 moderators and 10 minutes to discuss what’s happening in the world of radio. If you are looking to meet people this is the session for you, always fun – if a little chaotic. Once again the Fast and Curious session will be held in the exhibition area so before you join in you can browse some of the fantastic and interesting exhibitors stands!

Fast & Curious Table Hosts & Topics 2019 are:

1. Vincent Benveniste, President, Radio Act S.A.S. - Working More Closely with the Radio Ecosystem Members - Mutualizing our efforts!

2. Valerie Geller, Author, Media International / broadcast & podcast consulting & Training - The One Thing that Will Grow Your Audience

3. Wade Kingsley, The Ideas Business, Australia - What ideas can broadcasters steal from podcasters

4. Want to be a table host contact rosie@radiodays Europe

5. Want to be a table host contact rosie@radiodays Europe

But how does Fast and Curious work? There are 10 tables, with 10 moderators and each moderator has a question. Each participant will be asked to join a table (there are limited spaces). The groups have 10 minutes to discuss the question, as laid out by the moderator. The conversations are free flowing though guided by the moderator – no idea is a bad idea! After the 10 minute discussion, everyone moves to another table and does the whole thing again! All the delegates who attend will get the chance to join five or six tables. The whole event takes one hour.