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 Ton de Haan is co-founder and CCO of StingR (NL)

Ton de Haan

Ton is an inspiring and action-driven entrepreneur. He paves the way towards new market opportunities. While studying International Management, Ton discovered that new media ran in his blood. After finishing his studies, Ton established a company that recruited Internet professionals on behalf of this sector. A few years later, he developed web applications for companies including SBS Broadcasting, Stage Entertainment and Dutchview in conjunction with these same professionals.
Ton de Haan is co-founder and CCO of StingR. This marketing tool offers radio broadcasters the opportunity to significantly strengthen their positions within the market. StingR allows you to present radio in a more interactive, personal and visually stimulating way. Subsequently, you create greater loyalty amongst your listeners.
Last year, the company entered into a partnership with Radio 538, the largest commercial radio broadcaster in the Netherlands. Radio 538 is known as an innovative and progressive radio broadcaster, both within the Netherlands and internationally.
During an inspiring and pragmatic session on Radio Days Europe, Ton and his partner will explain – amongst others - the advantages that StingR offers to radio broadcasters. This session will take place on Friday 16 March at 12pm.
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