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Ian Walker CEO, Oxis Media, UK

Ian Walker

Mikkel Becker Ottesen, CEO and co-founder of RadioAnalyzer, DK

Mikkel Becker Ottesen

Marc van den Heuvel, PD, Radio Veronica, NL

Marc van den Heuvel

Clive Dickens, Director of Digital and Innovation at Southern Cross Austereo, Australia.

Clive Dickens

James Cridland Radio futurologist, Managing Director of, UK

James Cridland

Alexander Agishev, Program Director of Moscow’s Best FM, RU

Alexander Agishev

Christoph Pöschl, Co- founder of Brand Support – Media Research & Consulting, DE

Christoph Pöschl

Willie Kavanagh, Chairman of IRMA, IE

Willie Kavanagh

Denis Avdić, Radiohost and Comedian, Radio 1, SLO

Denis Avdić

Liam Thompson, Group Programme Director at Communicorp, IE

Liam Thompson

Richard Jackson, BBC College of Journalism, UK

Richard Jackson

Andy Parfitt ,Andy Parfitt Founder of Enlightened Leadership Executive Director, Talent for Saatchi & Saatchi, UK

Andy Parfitt

Trygve Rønningen, CEO and Editor in Chief, P4, NO

Trygve Rønningen

Anders Held, Co-founder and Manager of Radiodays Europe, Europe´s largest radio conference, SE

Anders Held

John Paul (JP), Coakley Director of Operations with RTÉ Radio, IE

John Paul (JP) Coakley

Rick O´Shea, Presenter RTE 2FM, Ireland

Rick O´Shea

Liam O'Brien Series Producer of the Documentary on One in RTÉ Radio 1, IE

Liam O'Brien

Caroline Grazé, International Head Of Internet & New Business – ENERGY / NRJ Germany (Radio NRJ GmbH), DE

Caroline Grazé

Jean-Eric Valli, CEO of Indés Radios and Group 1981, FR

Jean-Eric Valli

John Spillane, Musician and storyteller, IE

John Spillane

Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radio Centre, UK

Mark Barber

Kim Mcnally, Research Manager for BBC Music, Radio 2, 6 Music, Radio 3 and Asian Network, UKAsian Network, UK

Kim Mcnally

Daniel Anstandig, CEO of LDR Interactive

Daniel Anstandig

Pete Simmons, Radio Consultant and former Programme Director Magic 105.4 London, UK

Pete Simmons

Evin Gaffney, Manager, Client Solutions at Facebook, IE

Evin Gaffney

John Simons, International Radio Consultant, John Simons Consulting, UK

John Simons

Liz Green, award winning BBC broadcaster, BBC, UK

Liz Green

Dusty Rhodes, Managing Director of Digital Radio Ltd, IE

Dusty Rhodes

Tomas Granryd, Head of SR- P3, SE

Tomas Granryd

John Purcell is Chief Executive and Shareholder in KCLR. Director of NewsTalk Ireland’s independent talk radio station, IRE

John Purcell

Vilde Batzer

Hla Yin Aye, Manager Mandalay FM & Pyinsawadi FM Radio Stations, Forever Group, MYR

Hla Yin Aye

Jesper Rönndahl, science comic, SR, SE

Jesper Rönndahl

Rod Power, Managing Director of NRS Media EU

Rod Power

Dan Mcgrath, Creative director at Bounce London LLP, UK

Dan Mcgrath

Valerie Geller - President of Geller Media International, USA

Valerie Geller

Dan Healy, Head of RTÉ 2fm, IE

Dan Healy

Justus Fischer, Justus Fischer Projekt Manager Radio, on air Berlin, DE

Justus Fischer

Hannah Storm, Director of the International News Safety Institute, UK

Hannah Storm

Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser ,EBU Media Director (SE)

Annika Nyberg

Matt Deegan Creative Director of Folder Media, UK

Matt Deegan

Adam Fogarty, Station Editor - RTÉ Pulse, IE

Adam Fogarty

Sarah Austin Jenness, Producing Director, The Moth, US

Sarah Austin Jenness

Tom Dunne, Irish radio broadcaster with Newstalk, IE

Tom Dunne

Jérôme Fouqueray, Director General of FUN Radio and RTL 2, France

Jérôme Fouqueray

Kristina Hartmann, Presenter, Antenne Bayern, DE

Kristina Hartmann

Ian Wilson, Producer, RTE, IE

Ian Wilson

Tony Moorey

James Stodd, Senior Producer, Celador Radio, UK

James Stodd

Jan Westerhof, Director Radio Programming Public Broadcasting in the Netherlands (NPO), NL

Jan Westerhof

Mikhail Eydelman, Head of Radio ZVEZDA in Moscow, RU

Mikhail Eydelman

Chris Bannon, Vice President for Content Development and Production, WNYC Radio,New York, USn, WNYC Radio

Chris Bannon

Francis Goffin, Director General of RTBF radios, BE

Francis Goffin

Kim Wilde, International pop icon and radio presenter, UK

Kim Wilde

Béatrice Merlach CEO, MCDT, CH

Béatrice Merlach

Nik Goodman, Media consultant, UK

Nik Goodman

Dennis Christensen, Deputy director of Audience Research in The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), DK

Dennis Christensen

Tuija Pehkonen,Radio Host, Radio NRJ Finland, FI

Tuija Pehkonen

Tracy Gilliam, Director of Sales, LDR Interactiv

Tracy Gilliam

Leigh Newsome, Co-CEO of TargetSpot, US

Leigh Newsome

Áine Kerr, Managing Editor of Storyful, IE

Áine Kerr

Olaf Lassalle, CEO, AGMA, DE

Olaf Lassalle

Gabrielle Cummins, CEO / Programme Director, Beat 102-103, IE

Gabrielle Cummins

Sami Tenkanen, Content Director, Nelonen Media, FI

Sami Tenkanen

Noel Curran, Director General of RTÉ, IR

Noel Curran

Ralph Van Dijk, Founder and Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia

Ralph Van Dijk

Phil Riley, Orion Media, UK

Phil Riley

Michael Hill, Founder and Managing Director of UK Radioplayer Ltd, UK

Michael Hill

Goran Kurjak, Creative Director, Otvereni Radio, Croatia

Goran Kurjak

Uwe Domke, Head of Market- and Media Research, RMS Radio Marketing Service, DE

Uwe Domke

Mia Costello, Programme Leader on the Editorial Leadership Programme, BBC, UK

Mia Costello

Ralph Clemens Martin, Board Director, EMIRAT AG

Ralph Clemens Martin

Jean-Pierre Cassaing, Director Radio Department, Havas Media

Jean-Pierre Cassaing

Joël Ronez, Director for Le Mouv´ at Radio France and for New Media for Radio France, FR

Joël Ronez

Line Gevelt Andersen Head of the new radio channel, NRK P1+ in NRK, NO

Line Gevelt Andersen

Lina Chawaf, Editor in chief of the independent Syrian radio “Rozana”, FR

Lina Chawaf

Adrian Feuerbacher, Deputy manager of NDR Info and head of political affairs and investigative reporting, DE

Adrian Feuerbacher

Duncan Kolba, Web development leader for bigFM,RPR1, Regenbogen DE

Duncan Kolba

Dirk Soetens, Research manager for the sales house of VRT (BE)

Dirk Soetens

Nilton, Talk Show Host and Comedian, PO


Guido Ardone, Morning news presenter at Radio2 Rai, IT

Guido Ardone

Anthony Gay, Managing Director ReelWorld Europe, UK

Anthony Gay

Patrick Collins, Research Manager for BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network, UK

Patrick Collins

Larry Rosin, co-founder and President of Edison Research, US

Larry Rosin

Andreas “Andi” Christl Presenter, Antenne Bayern, DE

Andreas Christl

Torsten Birenheide, Program director of BB RADIO in Berlin/ Brandenburg, DE

Torsten Birenheide

Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO at Radionomy Group, BE

Alexandre Saboundjian

Schiwa Schlei, Head of Digital 1LIVE / WDR, Germany

Schiwa Schlei

Francis Currie, International Radio Consultant, UK

Francis Currie

Roger Roberts, Président Titan asbl, BE

Roger Roberts

Ciarán Murray, President of the Community Media Forum Europe, IE

Ciarán Murray

Maryam Salehi, Managing Director of General Management and Director of NRJ Group SA

Maryam Salehi

Dan Cocker, Senior Producer, Somethin` Else, UK

Dan Cocker

Mats Aakerlund, Head of digital strategy at Sveriges Radio, SE

Mats Aakerlund

Denis Florent, Founder and managing director of RADIOFORMAT, FR

Denis Florent

Graham Albans, Assistant Producer on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, UK

Graham Albans

Victor Caballero, VP/Operations, LDR Interactive

Victor Caballero

Carsten Worsoe, CTO and inventor of RadioAnalyzer, DK

Carsten Worsoe

Chris Gould, CEO and Founder of All in Media (AIM), UK

Chris Gould

Fred Jacobs, Programming consultant, Jacobs Media, US

Fred Jacobs

Dave Kelly UTV Group Programme Director (Dublin Operations), IE

Dave Kelly

Jochen Lukas, Co- founder of  Brand Support, DE

Jochen Lukas

Stefan Möller, President of AER, BE

Stefan Möller

Pat Bryson, Founder Bryson Broadcasting International, US

Pat Bryson

John Kelly, SONY, EMA and multiple PPI winning broadcaster, IE

John Kelly

Rolf Brandrud

Yvonne Malak, owner, My Radio, Germany

Yvonne Malak

Christoph Wild, Head of Market- and Advertising Research ARD-Werbung Sales & Services in Frankfurt, DE

Christoph Wild

Rüdiger Landgraf, Programme Director, KRONEHIT, AT

Rüdiger Landgraf

Claire Byrne TV and Radio Broadcaster, Columnist, IE

Claire Byrne

Matt Whaley, CEO, Jemm Media

Matt Whaley

Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of Content, Triple M, Australia

Mike Fitzpatrick

Ronan Kelly, radio producer, IE

Ronan Kelly

Paul Johnson, deputy editor of the Guardian, News and Media, UK

Paul Johnson

Daniel Sieberg, Head of media outreach across services like Google+, Google Earth/Maps, Google Search/Trends and more, US

Daniel Sieberg

Paul Robinson, CEO at Radio Academy, UK

Paul Robinson

Cilla Benkö - Director General of Swedish Radio and member of  EBU`s Executive Board, SE

Cilla Benkö

Lyn Long,  Radio Flair, UK

Lyn Long

John Rosso, President - Market Development, Triton Digital, US

John Rosso

Dan Mumford, Composer and Sound Designer/former Head of Production BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, UK

Dan Mumford

Eugenio La Teana, Director of Research and Development, RTL 102,5, IT

Eugenio La Teana

Tony Blackburn, Radio legend and Radio host, BBC, Radio 2, UK

Tony Blackburn

Eric Adelbrecht, Director of RTL Belgium's radio stations: Bel RTL and Radio Contact , BE

Eric Adelbrecht

Miles Palmer, Leader of TuneIn broadcaster programme in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Miles Palmer

Filippo Solibello, Host at Radio2 RAI, IT

Filippo Solibello

Andy Carvin, Managing editor, First Look Media, US

Andy Carvin

Paula Cordeiro, Radio scientist and digital strategy designer; Lecturer and Ombudsperson at RTP, PO

Paula Cordeiro

Ger Gilroy, Sports Editor at Newstalk 106-108fm, IE

Ger Gilroy

Martin Liss, Program Director NRJ / ENERGY, Germany

Martin Liss

Chris Kimber, Executive Product Manager BBC iPlayer Radio and BBC Playlister in BBC Future Media, UK

Chris Kimber

Karin Gyllenklev, science journalist,SR,SE

Karin Gyllenklev

Diederick Huizinga, PURE Jingles, Executive Creative Director, NL

Diederick Huizinga

Caroline Wyatt, BBC defence correspondent, UK

Caroline Wyatt

Peter Niegel - Radio Audience Researcher in DR, DK

Peter Niegel

Andreas Sannemann CEO, Benztown, DE

Andreas Sannemann

Helen Boaden, Director for Radio, BBC, UK

Helen Boaden

Catherine Burns

award winning National Executive Producer, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia

Sam Cavanagh

Stephen Nolan

Jacqueline Smit CEO 538Groep, NL

Jacqueline Smit