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Christoph Pöschl, General Manager & Senior Partner, Brand Support (DE)

Christoph Pöschl

Christoph Pöschl (40) is founder of the media research and consulting company Brand Support.

He started his career as research manager and music consultant for European radio networks and music TV brands at a German research company.
Since 1996 Christoph Pöschl has been developing music and brand strategies for media companies such as the RTL Group (Europe), MTV Europe, Emmis Communications (USA), Astral Media (Canada), BBC Radio (UK), ORF (Austria) as well as telecommunication companies such as T-Mobile (Europe).
In 2002 Christoph Pöschl founded his own media research and consulting agency Brand Support. He has developed and established a new sophisticated and revolutionary technology (Mapping). This method enables media executives to build programming concepts for a more and more ‘hybrid’ audience in markets with increasing segmentation.