30 sessions for 2016 announced!

With 1,5 months to the next Radiodays Europe in Paris we are announcing the second round of sessions for the conference. 

The sessions cover a wide scope of topics - from journalism, social media and research to the latest on digital platforms, mobiles and podcast as well as new ideas and programme formats, talent management,  new revenues and creative radio advertisement.  In other words – some of the most exciting leaders, presenters, journalists, producers and sales people talking about the challenges and new ways that radio are exploring in creating the future of our medium.

Radiodays Europe is about celebrating the best of radio today and creating the future of radio in the new digital era. 

Read about the first 30 sessions in the list below or download and print out the PDF. See the confirmed speakers so far under Speakers. The full programme, 100 speakers in 50 sessions, will be published early in February.

The conference is the core of Radiodays Europe.  The full event runs from Sunday 13 at 1100 until Tuesdag 15 March 1630.  Follow the links to see the outline of the programme and read about the differents elements - like Exhibition, Radiodays Europe Creative Leadership Programme, Workshops (TBA), The NextGen project, The Fast and Curious (TBA) and the evening events (TBA).

Radiodays Europe 2016
Paris, France 13-15 March 2016

“Vive la radio!  Creating the future”  
The first 30 sessions

The full programme, 50 sessions, will be published early in February.

KIIS and say goodbye… The Big Move

Kyle and Jackie O (KIIS 1065, Sydney, Australia)

After 9 years hosting the market leading Breakfast Show on 2Day FM in Sydney, Kyle and Jackie walked across town to take over the Breakfast Show on the newly rebranded KIIS 106.5.

Moving a station and rebranding a station always carry a high degree of risk but doing both at the same time was one of the biggest changes ever undertaken in Australian radio. This ballsy move paid off with KIIS moving to market leading position. What prompted this and why was it so successful?

We’ll find out when Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O Henderson talk to John Simons about their Big Move.

Constructive journalism

Ulrik Haagerup (News Director, DR, Denmark)

Can news be engaging and inspiring? Or is a good story always a bad story?

How can traditional broadcasters react to the challenge from Facebook and Social Media? How can traditional news broadcasters maintain an authentic and credible voice in an increasingly fragmented media reality? 

Ulrik Haagerup’s vision of constructive news has become a trend for many public service media, with his view that journalism is a feedback mechanism to help society self-correct. But can news really be about a better tomorrow and do news people have a responsibility to give the world the best obtainable version of the truth?

LBC: Talk that matters

Nick Ferrari and James Rea (LBC, UK)

LBC is one of UK radio’s greatest success stories of recent years – a commercial speech station growing audience and revenues, with agenda setting programmes and big name talent. Nick Ferrari presents the LBC Breakfast Show with his own unique style and his programme has driven much the growth under the guidance of Editor, James Rea. Hear them both talk exclusively about what makes great speech radio and how you can create content that really connects with your audience.

Morning radio superstars – “in talent we trust”

Bruno Guillon (FUN Radio, France), Gry Forssell (Mix Megapol, Sweden), Elvis Duran (Z100, USA) and Kris Fade (Virgin Radio, Dubai) in conversation with Dennis Clark (IHeart, USA)

What is the recipe for success for major shows in major markets such as Paris, Dubai and Stockholm?

What do they do that others don’t, to make them successful? Is it just about Talent, and hard work?  What are the similarities in their approach or are there differences?

Alongside this, Dennis will also explore the way three morning shows work and the way they win. Whether your show is local or national, this will be a compelling session that’s a must for those who want to learn how to win in the hardest fought time of day in any markets.

Dennis Clark has coached and trained some of the most talented morning shows around the world, and in this session he will be in conversation with Bruno on the radio (FUN Radio, RTL France), Gry Forssell (Mix Megapol, Bauer Media, Sweden), Elvis Duran (Z100 New York, USA), Kris Fade (Virgin Radio Dubai, ARN, United Arab Emirates).

Podcasts: Movies in your head

Kaitlin Prest (Host and creative director, the Heart, USA)

What's the secret to a podcast success?  Is telling a story in a podcast the same as doing it on radio.  What can "radio" learn from the growing independent podcasting world?  Podcasts are becoming a place for experiments by innovative creative audio producers. One if these is Kaitlin Prest, host and creative director of an independent podcast called the ‘The Heart’.

The Heart is audio art project and podcast about intimacy and humanity that introduces its listeners to new narratives about sex, love and relationships. ‘The Heart’ is a member of one of the most successful podcast networks, Radiotopia Network, USA.

Kaitlin Prest recently won the Golden Award for New Radio Formats at Prix Italia for a fictionalized documentary called ‘Movies in your Head’.

Branding radio – how to make our medium large

Ralph van Dijk (Founder and Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia)

We are entering a new golden age of audio and radio needs to stake its claim. 

So how do you position radio as an essential part of the marketing mix? How do you make it relevant to the brand managers and media planners who don’t listen?

 In this session we demonstrate innovative ways for the world’s largest quality brands to finally feel at home on radio.

 Then, we explore the best case studies of how radio markets itself. What can we learn from the new kids on the block like Beats 1, Pandora and Spotify. Is there an opportunity for a global marketing campaign to rebrand commercial radio? If so what would it look and sound like?

Bring a blank page and an open mind, and you'll leave with plenty of ideas worth stealing.

Radio branded content in a multi-platform world

Steve Taylor (Creative Commercial Director, Bauer Media, UK)

Radio in the UK is thriving, offering clients innovative ways to use the medium. In this session Steve Taylor, Creative Commercial Director at Bauer Media will explain how they utilise different touchpoints to engage with audiences, develop results for their clients and generate revenue. This presentation will cover insights into a range of different stations including Kiss, Magic, Absolute Radio, Heat Radio and their market leading metropolitan stations in the UK.

Emotional marketing: Audio´s impact on your brain

Emma Rodero (Professor, Spain), Martin de Munnik (Neurensics, Netherlands)

This session will explore the impact of audio on the brain and what can be learnt from the neuro and brain science field. How is audio perceived and processed, what is the difference compared to visual messages? What can we learn from how voices and music are used and what are the changes for the future to have more intense commercials and radio shows?

Tell me how you speak and I will tell you what I feel - Emma Rodero (Radio Researcher and Professor, Pompeu University, Spain) will discuss speech strategies in radio commercials. She will talk about cognitive processing (attention and memory) and present the results of a US study about attention and memory to different prosody strategies applied to radio commercials.

Martin de Munnik (Neuromarketing expert, NL) will explore the subconscious impact of music on buying behavior.

‘The Producer’ Masterclass

Ninette Brick (Radio 24syv, Denmark) and others

What are the skills of a great producer and what do they bring to a radio programme to take it to the next level? In this Masterclass, some of Europe’s finest radio producers give us their insight into producing different types of radio shows, share practical tips and techniques about topics such as ‘planning’, ‘talent management’ and ‘booking guests’, and explain how ‘having the right producer’ can be the best investment a radio station can make.

The diversity challenge - remaining relevant

Susan Marjetti (Executive Director of Radio, CBC, Canada)

How do you remain relevant, reach and reflect new audiences in new ways? Throughout her 30 year career, Susan Marjetti has been an advocate of diversity, inclusion, and community reflection in radio. Even as radio audiences change, and listening patterns change, CBC English Services is #1 in over a dozen markets in Canada, and in the ratings diary‎ CBC radio continues to grow its share nationally - in fact it's just set a new record! - CBC stations are in the top 3 in every market in Canada. Remaining relevant to listeners is key.

Susan Marjetti was recently appointed Executive Director of Radio and Audio for Canada's public broadcaster.

Ways of covering Europe´s refugee crisis

How can media handle the drama of our time – the refugee crisis? It started with sympathy the refugees who have escaped  war and oppression. It continued with a clash between this sympathy and the concerns of Europeans seeing a flood of refugees coming. And now it continues with growing tension and polarisation. 

Listen to radio stations which taking different roles and positions in this crisis – from following the refugees to action for openness and debate. Speakers TBC.

“Breaking News…” How radio reacts

Gwendoline Debono (Reporter, Europe 1, France), Antoine Bayet (Head of Digital News, France Info), Vittorio Argento (RAI Radio1/RAI Radio News, Italy)

Radio’s immediacy and its ability to react to Breaking News has always been one of its greatest strengths. In a world where big stories are a seemingly frequent occurrences, how does radio deal with fast-moving events as they unfold? This session will look at the both the practical side of covering breaking news and also the difficult ethical decisions journalists and editors have to make about their coverage.

Moderator: Rod McKenzie (Meadle Media, UK)

Winning morning show secrets

Francis Currie (Radio consultant, UK), Niklas Nordèn (Radio consultant, Sweden)

Using new content testing technology, Francis Currie and Niklas Nordén will be air-checking these shows with radio listeners in their own markets. The results will be revealed, for the first time anywhere, in this world exclusive session.  Discover the secrets of some of the world’s most successful radio broadcasters in this crowd-sourced aircheck of the best of the best:

  • UK: Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, Rickie, Melvin & Charlie on Kiss, Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1
  • Australia: Kyle & Jackie O on Mix 1065, Rove & Sam on 2DayFM, Robbie Buck on 702 ABC Sydney
  • USA: Elvis Duran on Z100, Ryan Seacrest in KIIS FM              

See how audiences really respond to benchmarks and content - in real time. Discover how these radio superstars connect to their listeners. Find out how they construct their content. Learn the trigger words and phrases that get listeners to react. Get new insight into the ideal duration for morning show speech breaks.                                 

Mobile apps: the move to personalisation

Around the world, mobile apps are becoming more personalised. See how radio is meeting the challenge of personalisation across the world with a global overview from radio futurologist James Cridland, and hear directly from companies who are doing personalised radio for their audiences. Is it the future of radio on a connected device?

Speakers TBC

Mobile - a giant leap forward

The best portable radio is the one you have with you: your mobile phone. But few mobile phones have FM radio inside, and none currently have DAB+. So why is broadcast radio important to add to a mobile phone - what are the advantages to broadcasters? What happens if radio station apps can use an inbuilt broadcast radio chip in a mobile? See the next generation mobile apps that include broadcast radio as standard: and be the first to hear a history-making announcement.

Speakers TBC

Cooking in the radio labs

George Wright (Research and development, BBC, UK), Floris Daelemans (VRT Start-up, Belgium), Natacha Mercure (Radio Canada), Nick Piggott (Creative technologist, UK)

Across the world, small teams within existing broadcasters are working on crazy ideas and innovations that help radio constantly reinvent itself. Few of these ideas have been seen in public: Until now. See some of the innovative ideas for radio: and decide for yourself whether they could be part of radio’s future. And, hear why every radio broadcaster - even yours - should have a lab of its own.  Host: Nick Piggott.

Digital radio: Europe’s choice?

Kristian Tolonen (Head of audience research, NRK, Norway), John Ryan (2ZY, UK) and others

Much of Europe is going digital with DAB+.

In Norway, FM will be switched off next year. But what will this do to audiences? Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research at NRK, has crunched the numbers.

Meanwhile in the UK, small-scale DAB multiplexes, using open technology, will have been tested for seven months. What’s been learnt - by broadcasters and listeners alike? John Ryan, operator of a small-scale radio station in Manchester, tells us more.

Finally in France, DAB+ is not the preferred choice of everyone. Hear why some think the future for French radio is on another platform. More speakers TBA.

Visual radio: Listen to your screen or watch your radio

Alexander Josiassen (Radio 538, Netherlands), Laurent Finet & Francis Goffin (RTBF, Belgium)

Learn from the good practices around the world. How do you stay true to “radio” when your listeners can watch what’s behind the mike? And what’s the recipe for a radio show to take over TV?

More speakers TBC

Radio in car: dashboard disaster?

Fred Jacobs (President, Jacobs media, USA), Michael Hill (Director, Radioplayer, UK)

In many parts of Europe, most radio listening happens in the car. But as more and more cars get access to the internet, and more listeners start using internet-delivered entertainment, is radio under threat? Hear from people trying to make the radio experience better in-cars; get an overview in the US, which leads the world in the “connected dash”, and let European car manufacturers tell you what they really think about broadcast radio. If you care about radio’s future, you should attend this session. More speakers TBC

Why radio is well placed to grow in at digital world

Dee Ford (Managing Director, Bauer Media, UK)

With 23,6 million daily listeners Bauer Media is the largest commercial radio company in Europe.  They have more than 90 radio stations in Germany, Poland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Dee Ford, Managing Director Radio, Bauer Media UK, considers the growth potential for radio in the coming years in the context of content distribution and commercial strategy.

Visions for radio

Helen Boaden (Ddirector of BBC Radio and BBC England, UK) and Cilla Benkö (DG, Swedish Radio, SE)

With a rapidly changing media landscape and new ways of consuming information and music, how will radio best position itself and stay relevant for its audiences? The radio directors of BBC and Swedish Radio will each of them give their vision for the future of radio.  

The new generation of listeners

Patrick Collins (Head of youth audiences, BBC, UK)             

The struggle to capture the attention of the young listeners for radio is harder than ever. Smartphones, music streaming and social media – never before has there been so much choice. But what are the needs of the young listeners today?

Patrick Collins (Head of Youth Audiences for the BBC) will share the results from a very recent BBC youth and media needs project. An ethnographic study that aims to get underneath the statistics of youth media usage in the UK. This session will update  you on the latest research and knowledge on youth and media usage. 

Generation Instant pay off

Tina Skov Gretlund and Lene Heiselberg (Audience Researchers, DR, Denmark)

Changes in media habits happen surprisingly fast. Smartphone is now the dominating device among teenagers and young adults and YouTube and Facebook have become the dominating brands among 13-29 year olds. They love music but radio as we know it is under pressure.  Only 7 % answer that they would miss public service content the most if they had to live without some of the biggest brands providing media content. Public service content is under pressure. The competition is fierce and very much global. Audience researchers from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation will present a study about the 13-29 year olds media habits. The study is conducted across the Nordic countries.

Lessons learned by American radio at the dawn of the digital era

Michael Harrison (Editor and publisher, USA)

One of American media’s leading experts shares both the successes and failures experienced by U.S. radio during its transition into the digital era. Michael Harrison offers insight into the radio industry’s challenge of successfully integrating its assets and services into an internet-based culture while preserving and enhancing its iconic role as the primary audio medium. Can it be done? Harrison lays out the big picture of radio’s path forward with realistic and cautious optimism.  This is a not-to-be-missed session of importance to all popular formats.     

Strike a chord

Mark Barber (Planning Director, Radiocentre, UK)

Based on the UK study ‘strike a chord’, Mark Barber will show how brands can use music and enhance brand communication. Everybody acknowledges that music can be a powerful tool for advertising. Working at a subtle, almost subliminal level, music can trigger an emotional response. Used consistently, music works strategically, creating presence for the brand and acting as a bonding agent between different parts of the campaign.

The little green dragon can sell everything

Uroš Bogdanović (Creative director, KrAn studio, Serbia)

Selling is an art. But sometimes people just don’t recognize an artist and his work. Radio advertising can be taken to the next level. Just add one little green dragon to your radio station.

This is a story how to get a revenue with usage of advanced mind techniques, and how to educate clients (both direct and media buying agencies) showing them the power of radio. Those techniques should be used in programmes as well. Where and how to put that little green dragon? Join me and my little green dragon and enter into new field of storyselling (storytelling and selling).

Uroš Bogdanović was well known radio host in Serbia. He used those techniques in his show (Uroš Bogdanović Show) to prepare great, original content. He believes that radio advertising will live longer than TV. He is going to tell you why radio ad is better than TV ad.

The power of local

Inga Vind (DR, Denmark), Robert Frisk (P4 & P5 Radio Stockholm, SR, Sweden), Adam Rudawski (Radio Szczecin, Poland)

Radio´s core is about being live, local and getting involved in the community. In this session we will hear about different ways of using the power of local.

I rural Denmark P4 Syd launched “we love where you live” - a project that involved hundreds of inhabitants in the region, who shared their unique stories on the radio and and while sharing photos as well. And in doing so, brought the region together.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish Radio developed a strategy to make both its stations in the capital more popular and more diverse – to keep up with the changing demographic of the capital of Sweden. Rethinking the concept of “local”. More speakers TBA.

Year of the podcast

Dean Cappello (EVP and Chief Content Officer, WNYC, USA) and Alison Winter (Audience Researcher, BBC, UK)

2015 was hailed “the year of the podcast" as if it were a brand-new medium, but much of on-demand audio is about taking the best of what’s always worked and setting it in a new context. In this session, Dean Cappello (EVP and Chief Content Officer at WNYC New York) will talk about the enduring values of the best audio, identifying and supporting talent, cultivating a creative community, and what creative people -- both in front of and behind the mic - need to do their best work.

In the UK, the BBC has also seen a renewed interest in it's prgrammes. BBC Radio Audiences have been reviewing all of this activity via data analysis and newly-commissioned research. Alison Winter (Head of Head of Audiences for BBC Radio and Music) will share some of this thinking, with specific pointers on how to maximise this unique format and where future opportunities for podcasts might lie. 

‘The Main Event’

Paul Sylvester (Content Director, Absolute Radio, UK), Alex Kind (PD, Star FM, Germany)

Creating successful events for your radio station can increase awareness, reinforce your market position and allow listeners to experience your brand first hand. But how do you create a winning events strategy and what are the elements that go into producing memorable and successful events? This session looks in detail at producing radio station events - large and small, from multi-artist concerts through to taking your Morning Show on tour, and will provide ideas and inspiration for your station to put on the best possible events.

30 ideas in 45 minutes

Radiodays Europe 2016 in Paris sees the return of the session that means you won’t go home without some great ideas. In fact, you’ll go home with 30 of them! ‘30 Ideas in 45 Minutes’ will features a selection of great speakers from across the conference in a quick-fire, fun-filled session which will give you some fantastic ideas for your radio station, right through from programming to sales. Always popular, and always jam packed with great ideas, this session will ensure you return from Paris motivated and full of creativity! Host: Nik Goodman. Speakers TBC.