What will be the topics and speakers in Paris 2016?

Radiodays Europe is where you will learn about the trends and radio´s future, looking into the challenges and solutions for radio in the changing media landscape, but also where we are sharing experiences and showcasing the best of radio today.

And how to get there, finding the best speakers and topics for next year, involves a quite unique process.

It started this year on the 22nd of September when the RDE “Conference Committee” advisory board met in Paris to start preparations for next year´s Radiodays Europe. 35 people from more than 25 different organizations across Europe met at the top floor of Radio France, la maison de la radio.


“For us, this is invaluable input. So many of our partners across Europe coming together and with the purpose to make Radiodays Europe as interesting as possible”, said Anders Held, one of the RDE Managers.


“What makes Radiodays different form other conferences is the editorial independence. The best ideas will get into the programme and it will be a balanced programme that attracts both public and private radio”, says Anders Held.


During the kick-off day, the participants came up with a huge number of ideas and topics for the Programme Group to continue working on. The Programme Group consists this year of nine people from three Nordic countries, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany and Portugal. They will contact speakers and look at all proposals to make decisions on the 55 sessions that will run over two days in March 2016 in Paris. 55 sessions and well over 100 speakers from across the world.


The group is meeting again late October in London and then again mid-November in Paris. The first speakers will be announced in November and a first draft programme will be released in December. The final and full programme is usually ready end of January.


By the way, anyone is still welcome to submit proposals to Radiodays Europe via pm@radiodayseurope.com.