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Networking Session: Two Fast & Curious!

Sunday & Monday Networking Sessions

Come join the discussion and start networking on Sunday and Monday at Radiodays Europe. We are bringing together delegates at a networking event before the main conference, to share ideas, share solutions and share experiences. How does it work? There will be 10 tables with 10 moderators and each moderator will have a topic (see below). Each participant will be asked to join a table (there will be limited spaces, first come first served). The groups will have 10 minutes to discuss a topic, as laid out by the moderator. The conversation will be free flowing guided by the moderator – no idea is a bad idea! After the 10-minute discussion, everyone will move to another table and do the whole thing again! All the delegates who attend will get the chance to join five or six tables during the afternoon. The whole event will take one hour. If you would like to join Fast and Curious please email:

Moderators & Topics:

To become a moderator please contact:

Topics from 2016:

1) Michael Harrison, Talkers & Radio Info Magazine, USA

“How do we make Radio Indispensable?” 

2) Ian Walker, General Manager, JackFM, UK

“Mobile is eating the world…Engaging with the under 30 audience is now one of the most challenging aspects…In a rapidly changing world, is radio still relevant to these millennials?”

3) Anthony Gay, ReelWorld, UK

“Putting the sizzle back into Radio…Given radio’s on going competition from digital media and other platforms how do we make it sexy again?”

4) Jeremy Millar, Head, ABC Capital City Radio Group, Australia

“Building time spent listening to your radio station. Practical steps starting now”

 5) Ursula Magnus, Moderation, Radio Klassik, Austria

“Comparing apples and oranges? What classical radio stations can learn from their popular music colleagues”

6) Phil Critchlow, Founding Director, TBI Media, UK

“Independent Producers have proved themselves to be creative, innovative and extremely effective at delivering high impact content. So how do European Indies work best in partnership with audio based platform owners to help ‘Radio' adapt…and grow”

7) Kaitlin Prest, Host & Creative Director, The Heart, USA

“Does every radio story need a beginning middle and end?”

8) Vincent Benveniste, CEO & Co-owner of DAVID Systems, Germany

“How do you expand your audience cross platform?”

9) Sarah van Mosel, ACAST, USA

"Let's talk Podcasts - focusing on monetization, audience engagement and how it's evolving as an ad medium in the US"

10) Tony Scott & Tue Blædel, Danish Radio P3, Denmark

“Talking content for young people and the news”