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About Radiodays

About Radiodays Europe

Radiodays Europe is the annual meeting point for the radio industry in Europe, both private and public radio. It is THE EVENT for radio in Europe - and a destination for radio lovers from around the world.


Doubtless, there is a need for a common arena where radio leaders and producers in Europe can meet and share the best radio of today and discuss the future of radio. The ultimate aim is to spread good ideas and to make better radio for our listeners.

Radiodays Europe 2010 Opening

Radiodays was born in the Nordic countries where joint public and private radio conferences had been held for years. The first two conferences in 2010 and 2011 were held in Copenhagen. In 2012 Radiodays Europe was held Barcelona and had 800 participants from 45 countries. In Berlin 2013 Radiodays Europe had 1200 delegates from 50 countries.

And in Dublin 2014 we have registered over 1300 delegates from 60 countries. It has become the largest most important international radio conference in the world.

The key to the Radiodays Europe success is the dialogue with broadcasters and partners across Europe about the content of the conference. The advisory “Conference Committee” consists of knowledgeable people from a wide range of partner organisations across Europe. Out of the hundreds of proposals for speakers and topics an international “Programme Group”, headed by the Managers Anders Held, Sweden and Rolf Brandrud, Norway, made the final selection for this year´s  conference programme.


The official partners of Radiodays Europe represent a wide range of broadcasters and organisations such as the EBU (public broadcasters), AER (private radios), egta (European saleshouses) and other radio organisations in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Russia and Slovenia. We also have partners with members outside Europe, such as CBA (Commonwealth Broadcasters), AIBD (Asia- Pacific), URTI, WorldDMB and Radiodays Johannesburg, ZA. In addition our commercial partners and exhibitors are contributing to the event.


“The Association Radiodays Europe” is a non-profit organisation with the sole purpose of organising the annual radio conference. The public broadcasters SR, DR, NRK and YLE make up the board of the association.


Next year Radiodays Europe will take place in Milan, Italy. The dates for next year´s conference are 15-17 March 2015. See you in Milan!


Managers: Rolf Brandrud and Anders Held

Website and contact information:

The Board:
 The following constitute the board of Radiodays Europe:
Jan Petersson (Chairman of the board)
 Director, Analysis and Communications, SR – Swedish Radio
Marius Lillelien
 Head of Radio, NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Tor Arnbjørn
 Head of Radio, DR - Danish Radio
Marja Keskitalo
 Head of Radio, YLE, Finland